Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Poo Face

You know it once you see it.

I love the unabashed way my daughter bears down and does a number two.

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(pardon the unrelated photo.  btw doesn't she look so grown up in big girl shoes? )

Monday, August 29, 2011

What's better than one baby?


No, I'm not expecting a second child anytime too soon.  However, my friend, Carly, is about to pop with twins!  Chris and I traveled to St. Louis this last weekend to visit friends and shower Carly with love and gifts for her twin girls.  Due any day now!

 Carly practices the two-hand hold with Everett.  I think that expression is priceless.
 We co-hosted the shower with some lovely ladies from St. Louis that lead Young Life with Carly.  Their home was amazing.  Seriously, MTV could do an episode of Cribs for this house.  They put so many special loving touches into the decor.  Here's the diaper cake made by the St. Louis hosts.
Our spread was pretty tasty.  I'm the proud purchaser of that grocery-made spinach and seven layer bean dip.  I do cater events if anyone is interested.  (I'm booked through 2012 though.)

 What do you get when you combine hot glue, cupcake paper holders and a Styrofoam ball?  Something absolutely adorable.  See above photo.
 We had a Milkaholic themed shower and served milk out of glass bottles.  Those fancy straws were purchased from Esty and the glass bottles for chocolate milk were recycled frappe bottles.  Fantastic and reasonable.
 This is the hairbow making station.  These hairbows might help Matt and Carly keep their identical twins straight.  I thought the reflection from this lamp made for an interesting composition.
 And it does get cuter.  These are the guest favors, filled with candy bars.  Aren't those little milk cartons sweet?
 Kayla with Adelyn.  She was a sleepy girl for most of the shower.  I was one of the fortunate ones who got to snuggle up with her that day.
 Meet Promise.  She's eight and she wailed on the other guests in the shower game.  Each guest started with a tootsie pop.  If you were caught saying the word "baby"you had to give it up.  Promise would sneak around, eavesdrop and snatch those pops up.  She won.  By a landslide.  It was a fantastic showing if I've ever seen one.
 Carly modeling a hair bow made for the girls.

 Sweet Adelyn.  Love the frilly party attire.  She's so stinking cute!
 Me and Everett.  I was um... enjoying the sweet newborn baby snuggle.
 Carly, 36 weeks preggie with twins.  Beautiful.
 See what I mean, this girl did some napping!  Kathleen and Adelyn.
We all got a little baby fix with Everett and Adelyn at the shower.  Here's Mary Kate with E.

Where's Lakin?  Oh, she stayed home with her dad while he prepped for his Fantasty Football draft.  Let's just say her new exploratory habits got her a one way ticket to hang with the boys that afternoon.

So great to be with friends and to celebrate the anticipated arrival of the Roach girls!!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Meet Everett

Some snuggly, sweet photos of one of the most handsome little men I know.  His name is Everett.  He's really special.  He is the offspring of my dear friends, Bonnie and Tom.  She will be whisking him away to Korea soon.  That's where they live.  They love Hello Kitty.

So I brought my camera and my photo-taking game face and we documented the heck out of our day together.  I will be printing these pictures out and placing them around the house within Lakin's view.  You know, subliminally putting the message in her head that this is a future relationship that could be blessed.  

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pardon the Silence

Things have been quiet on the blog front.  Writer's block?  Fear that you guys were tired of baby girl stories?  Laziness?  Not sure.

I will now present to you some pics, which is what readers really want anyway.  I know you probably scan about 30% of what I write and just let the pictures do the talking.  It's cool, that's how I like to read blogs too.  So here you go.

As of recent...

Sunday, August 14, 2011

And So It Begins

BG (baby girl) has purchased herself a pair of naughty pants.  In the last month, parenting just stepped it up a notch as someone has been perfecting her Frankenstein wobble.  Lots of whines and cries can be heard through our open windows as we attempt to keep her out of the bathroom, off of the wine cabinet, out of the trashcan, from climbing into the dishwasher, and the list goes on.  This girl knows how to find a really cool activity that is neither safe nor beneficial.

Exhibit A: The Wine Cabinet.

Who wouldn't love the melody and tinkle a bunch of hanging wine glasses can make when uncoordinated hands run their little fingers over them?  When we move her from the scene she just walks right back.  In fact, she often makes sure we're making eye contact as she reaches out and unsteadily touches those tempting glasses.

Exhibit B: The Closed Bathroom Door

Apparently the bathroom is a room of endless possibilities.  There is a roll of toilet paper that quietly chants Lakin's name as she walks by, begging her to stop and play, like the One ring calls for Bilbo in The Lord of the Rings.  Heaven forbid her parents might like to use the bathroom without inviting her to the party.  Many a moments have been spent wailing on the outside of that door or sneaking around to enter through the second door in Mom and Dad's room.

Exhibit C: The Cry of Desperation When Someone, Who Shall Remain Nameless, Refuses to Pick Her Up that Very Instant.

When people do not pick up on her obvious cues that she would like to be held thankyourverymuch, Lady lets out piercing screams and wails that make everyone in a 10 mile radius want to put on their earmuffs.  She's not above clinging to your legs and holding on until you either pick her up or trip over her presence.  Forget the raw chicken on your hands, the steaming hot mug of coffee you are carrying, or that you're taking an overflowing load of laundry downstairs for wash, BG wants love and she wants it NOW.

Ah, discipline, you are a full time job.  Lord help us.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I can neither confirm nor deny that I may or may not have been sucked into the black hole that is Bachelor Pad last night.  I'm not proud of it.