Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Meet Everett

Some snuggly, sweet photos of one of the most handsome little men I know.  His name is Everett.  He's really special.  He is the offspring of my dear friends, Bonnie and Tom.  She will be whisking him away to Korea soon.  That's where they live.  They love Hello Kitty.

So I brought my camera and my photo-taking game face and we documented the heck out of our day together.  I will be printing these pictures out and placing them around the house within Lakin's view.  You know, subliminally putting the message in her head that this is a future relationship that could be blessed.  


  1. Great pictures friend. I Love it. Thanks for spending time doing this for us!

  2. Woah is all I have to say Sara. These shots are amazing. You are really showing some skill and talent here. Looks like you've found a photography niche! Good work. Oh and Everett is nice too ;)