Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pardon the Silence

Things have been quiet on the blog front.  Writer's block?  Fear that you guys were tired of baby girl stories?  Laziness?  Not sure.

I will now present to you some pics, which is what readers really want anyway.  I know you probably scan about 30% of what I write and just let the pictures do the talking.  It's cool, that's how I like to read blogs too.  So here you go.

As of recent...


  1. I'm not tired of baby girl stories!
    Love the profile pic of her with the flower in her hair.

  2. I like the updates! AND I often read the words!!!

  3. I love all these pics but the one by the wine rack is just classic!! And a blog post just wouldn't be the same without your writing...Of course I read ALL the words!! Have a great vacation!!

  4. Ahh she is just so darn cute!! I have to agree with my mom that the pic with the wine glasses is by far the best! p.s. I started a blog too. amandashupert.blogspot.com (just because I know you love to read blogs ;)