Saturday, September 24, 2011

getting gussied up

Last night Chris and I got dressed up and went to dinner with the Urology department.  Lakin stayed with a friend and we had a blast catching up with the folks in the department.  The dinner was at the Byron Country Club and the view was pretty spectacular.

Before we headed out I had Chris take some photos of Lakin and I.  I've been a smidge lazy when it comes to breaking out the camera and I was feeling jazzed about my new top from T.J. Maxx so I thought it was worth documenting.  

Dinner was quite tasty and indulgent (steak and chicken, why thank you!) followed by not one, not two, but four dessert choices.  Don't worry, I took a little of each.  

Highlights of the dinner included the discussion of Taco Bell's fourth meal.  There was grand talk of Chalupas and crunch wrap supremes but in the end we were all stuffed from the meal.  Another time, another time.  

Here are my lovely, lady friends.  

who need shaper sorters?

Alternately titled: the girl with the Don King hair, TMI, horribly embarrassing things to bring up later in life, we're cheap

Why buy new toys when the world around us has so many exciting, and imaginative things to play with?  For example, a box full of tampons can entertain a 14 month old for forty minutes.  See proof below.

Thursday, September 22, 2011


little noises
constant conversation
inflection that suggests urgency
to hear you talk to me
snuggles tonight before bed
chatter in my ear
of wishes and dreams
sweet girl
this momma is smitten

please keep talking

i am listening

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I finally decided to get the ladies "button" checked out.  Lakin's belly button has been red and scabbed and she plays with it all the time.   I informed Chris about my concerns that something fungal was making a home in there but he assured me it would clear up and that we should just "watch it."  The man's a urologist, not a pediatrician, so he was as puzzled as I was.

After weeks of watching, and Lakin poking and prodding every chance she got, I decided it was high time we got the button looked at by her doctor.  Monday morning I made an appointment and took her in.  As we amused ourselves waiting for the professional to come take a look, we did some coloring.   Lakin was haphazardly scribbling away on Frankenstein's face when I noticed some little wart-like bumps on her fingers that were definitely not there when I took her to school that morning.

I work at a preschool and we've had a minor outbreak of Hand, Foot, and Mouth among our population and I was certain this was probably what the bug had.  Sure enough, the doctor confirmed that my lady was contagious, needed to be quarantined for 48 hours, and that she indeed had gone viral.  While I hate that she's sick, I am thankful for a few days of snuggling at home.  She doesn't seem sick, is not in any pain, and is going about life as usual, so the way I see it, we just got a four day weekend.

Wednesday morning we'll return to life as normal but for now, we're enjoying our day at home.

A few goals for my time at home with the wee one:

- I will not be showering, under any circumstances.

- We will most definitely watch Toy Story 3 this afternoon underneath a pile of blankets with rain falling outside the window.

- While someone gets her beauty rest, I will scrub our bathroom and kitchen floor until they shine like the sun and are clean enough to eat off of.  Because, Lakin does... eat off of them.  Clean or not.

Oh, as for the belly button mystery, we're applying some hydro cortisone and continuing to watch.  I think if someone would just let it be for a few days, it would probably heal up.  Hmmm...

Before I get back to a jammie-wearing babe, I'll leave you with some pics from yesterday's trip to the park.

 caught eating off the ground
 plumber pants
 getting tall
riding the airplane

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Monday, September 12, 2011

A Jaeger Family Weekend

tap. tap. tap.

Is this thing on?

Sorry for the delay in posts.  I've been meaning to write millions of posts between the Michael's debacle and now but I somehow never could get the words out.  For those of you who frequent this blog, you know that means I'm about to unleash a crazy string of random photos on you.

Chris was on call this weekend and that dang pager was hot.  Every time he sat down to enjoy himself, the thing would buzz.  I woke up both Saturday and Sunday in the middle of the night to catch him as he headed off to the hospital.  Lucky for me I can sleep through pages, long winded conversations to patients, and the light turning on and off.  Poor guy.  Oh, well, he signed up for this craziness, right?

When Chris is on call he takes it at home, which means we get to see the doctor side of him on a regular basis.  It's pretty interesting to hear him in a more clinical sort of way and it's my personal favorite when he dictates notes via the phone.  He talks so fast and the jargon flies; the medical world has their own language, you know.

So this weekend Lakin and I entertained ourselves between Chris' rounds and unexpected trips to the hospital.
 Lakin loves milk time.  She's taken to carrying her milk all around the house.  Can you say, "Hello little drops of milk all over the carpet?"  So this weekend a new rule was instituted, milk is only for when we're seated in our high chair.  Like usual, I'm met with some resistance with this new boundary. No worries, this momma can hold out.

 Terrible photo of my constantly moving subject but I wanted to share this because in this picture Lakin has her two most beloved items: bear head hat and big stick for the slider.  I think I put bear head hat away fifty times a day only to find it lying in the middle of the hallway minutes later.  She's not so much into wearing the hat as she is to carrying it around and leaving it in unsuspecting places such as the fridge, with the pots and pans, and atop the toilet.  Lovely.  Big stick just gets carried throughout the house.  Not sure the draw there.  Would she be my child if she weren't a little strange?

 Despite an adorable outfit worn by Miss BG, the Chiefs were not able to bring home the W.  Oh, well, I'll consider it a win that Lakin left that hair clip in her hair for the few minutes it took to snap this photo.
 "Hey look Mom, my pants zip!"
 When skyping with my folks we decided to take the Halloween costume for a spin.  It was a good fifteen minutes worth of fun.  I can't wait until this one can go Trick or Treating.
 What's underneath that pumpkin exterior?  An undying love for a mediocre fantastic football team.

 Lakin's third favorite toy is the family Mac.  She loves to press as many buttons as possible at once.  She can usually be found sitting on the keyboard if it's left within reach.
 I know, more of the same.  Actually, this picture shows our child's giving spirit.  She is a sharer.  She likes to feed you food from her plate, she offers all her toys to her Dad and friends and thinks that if she enjoys something then you must too.  I'm proud of my little giver.  I just hope she stays that way when the concept of "mine" works it's way into her brain.
 Final pic of the weekend, Lakin and Dad were headed downstairs to watch some football.  Lakin likes to open the gate and close it when we get upstairs.  She's helpful like that.  Actually, she follows me in the kitchen and closes things behind me.  Putting groceries away the other day she would close the fridge each time I put something in.  She closes cabinets and drawers as I pull items out.  She's a little OCD about the whole thing.  She gets that need for order from her father.

Another good weekend.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A trip to Michael's OR Oh No She Didn't

Why aren't all weekends three days long?  Don't we all feel a bit happier and rested having enjoyed three days instead of our traditional two?  Thank you Labor Day weekend.  This weekend was a nice mix of relaxation and productivity for the Jaeger household.  I shot another wedding.  Yes, yes I did.  Me loves the photography.  Chris was on BG duty on Saturday since I was MIA.  She's got a constant drip from the nose and it's making her a hot mess most afternoons and evenings so they had some good fun together as she refused to nap.  Sunday and Monday we did some things around the house that we've been meaning to do all summer.  You know, things like cleaning out the freezer and pantry and planting the last of our spring plants.  Never too late I guess.  We also traveled to Lanesboro, MN, to walk the beautiful trails and explore the quaint town.  Next time we plan to rent some bikes and a trailer and spend the day.  Maybe we'll also find the sock Lakin left behind on the trail.

Chris and I were in a crafty mood so we decided to get some materials for a project we've been thinking about for a while.  We're planning some artwork for our dining area and we went together as a family to Michael's.  Lakin was on the verge of an exhaustion meltdown but we thought we could push it with just enough time to get in and get out.  While we searched for just the right hue of navy, Lakin busied herself taking paint containers off the shelf and placing them on the floor.  She's pretty helpful like that.  When it came time to leave and pay for our purchase all hell broke lose.  Paint was flying across the aisle, legs we're kicking and she was making quite the scene with her screams.  Avoiding eye contact with patrons, I took lady to the car while Chris paid.

My face was red and I was embarrassed by my daughter's misbehavior.  When I strapped her into the car seat she arched her back and continued the meltdown.  I sat, ashamed, in the front seat while I waited for Chris to join us as people walked past the car with the screaming baby.  When did my sweet little angel get such a nasty temper?  Hmmmm????

Sure enough, no sooner did Chris put the car in reverse was baby girl asleep, head back, mouth open, and our moment of shame was over.

Lesson learned, when your child is tired, don't push them to the limit.  Just go home.  Where you can sit calmly and ignore their rampage should they unleash their rage in an act of extreme exhaustion.

It's all good.  Someday soon it will be my turn to embarrass her.