Saturday, September 24, 2011

getting gussied up

Last night Chris and I got dressed up and went to dinner with the Urology department.  Lakin stayed with a friend and we had a blast catching up with the folks in the department.  The dinner was at the Byron Country Club and the view was pretty spectacular.

Before we headed out I had Chris take some photos of Lakin and I.  I've been a smidge lazy when it comes to breaking out the camera and I was feeling jazzed about my new top from T.J. Maxx so I thought it was worth documenting.  

Dinner was quite tasty and indulgent (steak and chicken, why thank you!) followed by not one, not two, but four dessert choices.  Don't worry, I took a little of each.  

Highlights of the dinner included the discussion of Taco Bell's fourth meal.  There was grand talk of Chalupas and crunch wrap supremes but in the end we were all stuffed from the meal.  Another time, another time.  

Here are my lovely, lady friends.  


  1. Ok really is there anything more precious than a baby in feety jammies...I think not!!! And of course you look as cute as ever. As I always tell you...Just one day I would love to achieve half the cute factor you exhibit every day. God's love surely shines from the inside out with you girl. Love you all :)