Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I finally decided to get the ladies "button" checked out.  Lakin's belly button has been red and scabbed and she plays with it all the time.   I informed Chris about my concerns that something fungal was making a home in there but he assured me it would clear up and that we should just "watch it."  The man's a urologist, not a pediatrician, so he was as puzzled as I was.

After weeks of watching, and Lakin poking and prodding every chance she got, I decided it was high time we got the button looked at by her doctor.  Monday morning I made an appointment and took her in.  As we amused ourselves waiting for the professional to come take a look, we did some coloring.   Lakin was haphazardly scribbling away on Frankenstein's face when I noticed some little wart-like bumps on her fingers that were definitely not there when I took her to school that morning.

I work at a preschool and we've had a minor outbreak of Hand, Foot, and Mouth among our population and I was certain this was probably what the bug had.  Sure enough, the doctor confirmed that my lady was contagious, needed to be quarantined for 48 hours, and that she indeed had gone viral.  While I hate that she's sick, I am thankful for a few days of snuggling at home.  She doesn't seem sick, is not in any pain, and is going about life as usual, so the way I see it, we just got a four day weekend.

Wednesday morning we'll return to life as normal but for now, we're enjoying our day at home.

A few goals for my time at home with the wee one:

- I will not be showering, under any circumstances.

- We will most definitely watch Toy Story 3 this afternoon underneath a pile of blankets with rain falling outside the window.

- While someone gets her beauty rest, I will scrub our bathroom and kitchen floor until they shine like the sun and are clean enough to eat off of.  Because, Lakin does... eat off of them.  Clean or not.

Oh, as for the belly button mystery, we're applying some hydro cortisone and continuing to watch.  I think if someone would just let it be for a few days, it would probably heal up.  Hmmm...

Before I get back to a jammie-wearing babe, I'll leave you with some pics from yesterday's trip to the park.

 caught eating off the ground
 plumber pants
 getting tall
riding the airplane

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