Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A trip to Michael's OR Oh No She Didn't

Why aren't all weekends three days long?  Don't we all feel a bit happier and rested having enjoyed three days instead of our traditional two?  Thank you Labor Day weekend.  This weekend was a nice mix of relaxation and productivity for the Jaeger household.  I shot another wedding.  Yes, yes I did.  Me loves the photography.  Chris was on BG duty on Saturday since I was MIA.  She's got a constant drip from the nose and it's making her a hot mess most afternoons and evenings so they had some good fun together as she refused to nap.  Sunday and Monday we did some things around the house that we've been meaning to do all summer.  You know, things like cleaning out the freezer and pantry and planting the last of our spring plants.  Never too late I guess.  We also traveled to Lanesboro, MN, to walk the beautiful trails and explore the quaint town.  Next time we plan to rent some bikes and a trailer and spend the day.  Maybe we'll also find the sock Lakin left behind on the trail.

Chris and I were in a crafty mood so we decided to get some materials for a project we've been thinking about for a while.  We're planning some artwork for our dining area and we went together as a family to Michael's.  Lakin was on the verge of an exhaustion meltdown but we thought we could push it with just enough time to get in and get out.  While we searched for just the right hue of navy, Lakin busied herself taking paint containers off the shelf and placing them on the floor.  She's pretty helpful like that.  When it came time to leave and pay for our purchase all hell broke lose.  Paint was flying across the aisle, legs we're kicking and she was making quite the scene with her screams.  Avoiding eye contact with patrons, I took lady to the car while Chris paid.

My face was red and I was embarrassed by my daughter's misbehavior.  When I strapped her into the car seat she arched her back and continued the meltdown.  I sat, ashamed, in the front seat while I waited for Chris to join us as people walked past the car with the screaming baby.  When did my sweet little angel get such a nasty temper?  Hmmmm????

Sure enough, no sooner did Chris put the car in reverse was baby girl asleep, head back, mouth open, and our moment of shame was over.

Lesson learned, when your child is tired, don't push them to the limit.  Just go home.  Where you can sit calmly and ignore their rampage should they unleash their rage in an act of extreme exhaustion.

It's all good.  Someday soon it will be my turn to embarrass her.

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  1. Wish sweet BG could stay with me while you shopped. I confess I did laugh as I pictured the scene.