Saturday, October 29, 2011

A BOO Preview

Thursday evening we met Jess and Kristin and downtown for some spooky fun.   Our public school district was hosting a fundraising event at the Grand Kahler Hotel.  The Kahler is one of Rochester's oldest hotels and it's hallways would put Jack Nicholson's Overlook Hotel to shame.  They're twisty with low ceilings and for real creepy.  There were three levels at the Hunted Hallways.  Since all our babes were under two we only dabbled in the "Hallway of Fun."

This was one of those moments where you, the parent, endure something awful for the sake of your kid.  We waited in line to enter the hall, I was pushing  my stroller (rookie move) because I wasn't sure what to expect and Lakin's a darter.  Tons of small kids were wrangled into a tight, single file line to wait for their tootsie rolls and chance to put the eyeballs into the bucket.  Which at the young age of one and a half, you just don't get standing back and letting the kid dressed as a monkey in front of you play the game.  As we inched through the tiny space, I quickly regretted the fleece jacket combo I'd worn.  The hallways were blazing hot with all the Halloween lights and the traffic jam of people.  My strollers wheels kept getting turned the wrong way and Lakin freaked at the end when she saw the life-size Dalmatian fire dog.  Not to mention someone pooped early on in the hallway.  I prayed it wasn't Lakin and pretended not to smell the fierce odor.  If we'd wanted to escape, it would not have been possible.

So we walked away with about eight tootsie rolls and a memory.  Good times.  Will we go again?  I'm certain of it.


  1. Lakin is getting so big! Can't believe I haven't met her. And it is still so funny and cool to see you and Kristin hanging out! Love it!

  2. Puffy pumpkins pushing through the Kahler. How cute is that?!