Sunday, October 16, 2011


Can you see that small cut above Lakin's left eye?  I wish I could say it was a result of her crazy exploration but unfortunately, I did that.  I was trying to stop a heavy door from falling on her and my finger nail cut her eyelid.  Talk about feeling like a bad mommy.  I guess a small cut was better than a door in the face.  

Daddy is off work this weekend so we did some extended PJ time yesterday morning.  This is Lakin's favorite spot in the house, besides behind the toilet but we are really discouraging that one these days.  It's a tiny corner in our kitchen.  She was taking a short break from running from one end of the house to another.  

I'm missing bowls, Tupperware, and cooking utensils.  The above picture is my explanation.  Where do these items go to die?  Only Lakin knows, and she's not telling.

She's a snuggler.  Big hugs and kisses are given freely around here and lately her affection has turned to her soft toys.  All you have to do is encourage her to "love the baby" and she wraps her arms around that thing for dear life and hugs with all her might.  It's sweet but when a real baby is involved, there might be a bit too much love, and little blockage of airflow.  Something to work on, or through, I guess.


  1. YAY! She has the Mizzou monkey! Perfect timing for the pics with Homecoming this past Saturday and all!

  2. Oh, poor baby. At first I thought she was in a timeout corner. Can't wait to get some of those hugs and kisses.