Sunday, October 23, 2011

our chevy sonic adventure

You know me, I'm always up for a freebie.  So, when I heard about the Chevy Sonic Adventure scavenger hunt I was game.  With Chris on call all weekend, I knew I was going to have to go at this challenge with Lakin on board.  I found my partner and together we psyched ourselves up to win a car.

The premise was simple, show up downtown at 11:00 am, ready to move on foot from clue to clue.  Each location had a challenge to complete, some were riddles, others simple mathematical equations- all completely doable with a little effort and thought.  There were 49 locations and two hours to complete as many challenges as possible.  Each challenge had its own point value.  Clues came through your phone via text or the scavenger app.  Thankfully, Jen has an iPhone.  Unfortunately, we lost battery about half way through the race.  No problem though, we parked ourselves in Jen's car, plugged the phone in, and while it charged Jen would feed me locations and I'd run to complete the challenge and report back the answers.  Not ideal, but not bad.

My partner, Jen, was nine months pregnant.  Together, with her baby bump and my twenty-five pound kid riding side saddle in her stroller, we were quite the pair.  If an award would have been given for courage and heart, we would have won it.

Despite an embarrassing amount of trash talk, we did not walk away the proud new owners of a Chevy Sonic.  We are, however, so thankful we made the trek out to compete.  It was a blast and we make a killer team.  All I have to say is, "next year."  Below is the video of the winners.  They took the two finalists and gave them both a set of keys, one worked, the other didn't.  Oh, the suspense!!!

We did decide that if it came down to a dance contest in the end that Jen should be the one competing.  You know, nothing beats a very pregnant woman dancing.  See below for evidence.


  1. Sounds like fun! You should have won.

  2. You should be proud of yourself in spite not winning. Although the Chevy is one superb prize, you had a very good time (I can tell by the pictures!). Do you think the organizers will be hosting a second one, though?

    - Tyra Shortino