Monday, October 17, 2011

throw some glitter, make it rain

And that's just what we did.  Metaphorically speaking.  Since there was no actual glitter present at our pumpkin par-tay.  But if glitter would have been present it would have been raining crazy, shiny glitter.

It was the annual Uro pumpkin carving party at the Shimko family abode.  I'd like to do some comparison shots for you so you can see just how much has changed in the last year.

First, a shot of Bug right before the party last year.
Bugs this year.  T-shirt courtesy my talented mom.
A little more hair. a little less chub, a whole lot more 'tude.  Look at her sitting in that chair A.C. Slater style.  You can't teach that kind of coolness, people.

Chris' pumpkin design from last year.

And this year.  Hint, his is not the Dora one or the cute pumpkin colored with magic marker.  What can I say, the guy bleeds red and yellow.

We had a great time, it's been a sweet tradition here to gather together for the great pumpkin carving.  Here are some more pics from the weekend event.
Erin and Caitlin working on precision, Dora's not going to carve her own face into the front of that pumpkin, now is she?

 Baby Asher, the skunk, was tipping pumpkins and raising a stink.  Not really, he's a mild-mannered little guy.  Lakin was really interested in all things Asher all day.
 Scarlett and her juice box.  Do juice boxes contain liquid magic?  Lakin had her first taste of apple juice and she could. not. get. enough.  I think she personally ripped the straw from three separate boxes after experiencing the bliss of juice.  If only she had the hand/eye coordination to punch that skinny straw in the tiny hole all by herself...
 Pumpkin decorating is serious bid-ness.  Not comfortable with your three year old wielding a knife? Give them a magic marker and let them go to town.  Genius.
 Experienced surgeons at work.  By experienced I mean one year of experience.  Brian and Chris perfect their art.
 My pumpkin.  Whipped this J out free-handed after a hand off of Lakin to Chris.  Took turns actually participating in the party.  Tag team parenting is a must when your kids starts running.  Lakin was busy playing with all the other kids and since she can't be trusted alone. with anything.  one of us was on Bug duty at all times.  The J is for Jaeger.  As in our family name.  It was my "Martha moment."
Pumpkins lined up for judging.  Sweet prizes were given.  Fun was had by all.  Bring it on, Halloween.

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