Tuesday, October 11, 2011

weekend update with sara j

As promised, I wanted to give you a run down of our fabulous and fun weekend in Columbia.  Like I mentioned, we visited our friends, Polly and Austin, and were in town so Chris could be an usher for his friend, Dave, from medical school.  

Dave gave his ushers the dress code a few months in advance but Chris, with his hectic schedule, started thinking about it about a week before we left- such a boy thing to do.  He needed a black suit and bow tie for the affair, neither of which did he own.  So Thursday night, the evening before we left, he went to borrow a suit from a friend.  The suit turned into a tuxedo jacket, one that was a little too large for him, and suddenly became the topic of conversation for every available moment leading up to the wedding.  

Despite looking like a Chippendale's dancer, no one noticed, cared, commented on the fact that Chris' jacket was satin lined and appeared a little out of sorts.  To Chris' relief and wardrobe insecurity, some serious crisis was averted.  

I also had a bit of wardrobe malfunction.  By malfunction I mean the top I intended to wear to the wedding was also part of my rehearsal ensemble (travel light, right?) and I may or may not have dribbled chocolate custard down the front of it while eating ice cream in the dark.  Guilty.  Guilty. Guilty.  Since chocolate custard is fatal to a white blouse, I was stuck with a skirt and no top which is higly inappropriate for a wedding- or so I hear.  So, I did what any fashion forward, quick thinking girl would do; I threw together something with what I had left over.  Hello skirt and blue tee, you look nice.  

At least Lakin looked sharp at the rehearsal.  Someone needed to represent for this family.  

 Lakin practiced her robot moves at the Conner's.  Not really, I think this was an action shot of her chasing Sophie around the living room.  Sophie is a just-the-right-size dog for Lakin.  She loved her kisses and wanted to be near her whenever possible.  Sophie was a good sport.  Adelyn's a lucky girl.
 Here's Lakin and Riley.  They had never met before this moment but they shared a sort of kindred bond.  Their first five minutes together was a long, drawn out hug.  The following day, Riley's mom told me to watch out for some pink eye that might be in our future.  Luckily, Lakin has super human immunity so despite their love fest, she came our unscathed.  Gotta love little kid germs.
 While Chris practiced the art of ushering folks down the aisle, Lakin ran around like a wild woman.   She would just go up to different guests and strike up a nonsense conversation with them.  Everyone was amused, despite the fact that they had no idea what she was trying to say.  Too bad she's a shy one.
 This is where I began to covet my friend, Ashley's, boots.  They were just as beautiful in person as they were on pintrest.  Definitely worth their own picture.
 Ashley is bumping a baby boy in there.  She's due in March.  First kid.  Isn't she stinking cute as a preggo?
 Lakin's social hour.  
 What's a visit to Columbia without Shakespeare's pizza?  Sad, that's what.  We met my folks at Shakespeare's Saturday.  Lake is now a fan of pepper jack and pepperoni pizza.
 Ladies, he's taken. My husband the usher/milkman/Chippendale's dancer.
 Our prom pic.  Some observations: my legs have not seen the light of day for a while, holy white skin. The blue tee doesn't look too bad after all.  My hair was large and in charge.
 Here's the beautiful altar.  Gorgeous ceremony next to the lake.
 Chris and the groom, David.  They were friends in undergrad and medical school.  David now lives in Lexington and is a plastics resident.
 Riley ready to be a flower girl.
 The two flower girls did a bang up job making it down the aisle.  Mom was waiting to greet them.  These girls outlasted Chris and I on the dance floor.  PARTY animals.
 David and Megan Atashroo
Final shot of the night.  Beautiful October evening.

So thankful for a weekend away with the family.  My parents took care of Lakin for us during the wedding because she likes them a whole lot and she's a bit of party pooper once the clock strikes 7pm.  Thanks mom and dad for making the trip to watch the little girl.


  1. Those boots are to die for. If only I had $500 to spare.

    Also, David was a couple of years ahead of me in school and was some sort of mentor in the science department. I always thought he was so cool! Funny that you guys are actually friends b/c he was really more like a mythical creature to me - so smart! Please don't tell him this.

  2. Great photos. Lakin is looking so grown up. Can't wait to see her again!