Tuesday, November 15, 2011

the diva's BACK

If you recently started reading this blog you don't know that my lovely, sweet, friendly daughter spent the first four months of her life scowling and refusing to nap.  She was strong-willed and I prayed that God would give me the wisdom and strength to stand my ground with her.  Then, like light peeking from behind a cloud, the heavens opened and she began giggling, smiling, and seemed much more willing to rest and comply with my requests.  She was a changed kid and I sighed a breath of relief.  We'd seemed to have dodged a bullet and entered a sweet spot of parenting.

THEN... she learned two words, "no," and "mine."  With the advance in vocabulary has come all the 'tude and will that first plagued my newborn baby.  Only now, she can walk, shake her head, and knows to run from me when she's not interested in what I have to say.

The above picture is from her buddy, Annie's, first birthday party this last weekend.  I wish I could show you a photo of sweet Annie investigating her cake but my camera battery was dead, unbeknownst to me.  Lakin was pretty well-behaved but she did want to take Annie's new toys, and she did think she needed to be right there next to Annie the entire time she opened presents, and she did feel the need to take the shape sorter from the littlest baby in the room and screech, "no," as she did it.

Ah, this is when the real parenting starts.  Seeing your own child's sin is a bit heartbreaking.  It's in us all, but you like to think your kid might be immune.

But she's not. So we begin the process of teaching her right from wrong and how to treat others.  Character building.  It's a life long process.  I have a feeling God's going to build our own character as we attempt to shape and influence our daughter's.


  1. Sarah, As you navigate these new waters with our dear sweet Lakin let me pass on the mantra I told myself when going through this with Amanda. This strong will is from God and he has a purpose for her to have it. If you can get her started down the right path in life no one and I do mean NO ONE will be able to change her mind!! I wasn't always sure I believed that going through it but I have seen it. You and Chris are doing such an amazing job. Keep guiding her along and before you know it the cloud will lift again! And remember Miss Cathy is always here to give you a break when you need it!!