Monday, November 28, 2011

it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Being a young family we get to form our family traditions which is especially fun around the holidays.  I love decorating for Christmas and thought the best possible time to put up the tree had to be the instant Thanksgiving was over.  So the morning after T-giving, we got out the tree and put it up along with our humble collection of Christmas decs.  The stash grows each year but is pretty meager in it's beginnings.

I thought Lakin would be pretty interested in the tree but she was very content to play with Gigi while I put the tree together and strung the lights.  Her interest did peak when the ornaments came out in all their shiny, colorful glory.  It was game on from there.

 a brief pause for a belly button poke

When the tree was finished Lake was pooped.  She chilled out in her elf costume (made by my mom last Christmas) and watched some Dora.

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  1. SUPER fav is the one where she is in the canister of them all. She and Big E will be playing together this summer...YEAH!