Sunday, November 6, 2011

lazy Saturday

 Woke up with a "hey!" and some play time with Daddy.  Nothing beats milk, wearing Mom's headband, and sitting in Dad's lap.
 For my second breakfast I enjoyed some biscuits with Mom and Dad.  Never heard of second breakfast?  How do you think I keep this figure girlish?
 I was really wishing someone would open the freaking fridge and get me some grapes.  If only I was strong enough to pull that door open myself.
 "Who me?  I am quite certain I had nothing to do with whatever you're insinuating."
 Stomping those leaves with all my might.

 Checking out the view from my Cozy Coupe.
 Showcasing the fine mullet I am growing.
 If sitting is fun, imagine how fun standing must be.
 Hanging out the back like I just don't care.
 My license plate should read CRZY COUP because I'm pretty wild.
 Say, "Cheese!" I just did.  This is my cheesy, fake smile.

 Iconic Fall Picture:  Me in the leaves, so kindly raked up recently by Dad.
 Dive bombing the leaves.
Things we're loving right now:

- Daddy's weekends off
- No coats in November!
- Big Butter Tastin' Biscuits
- Raising a ruckus

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