Thursday, November 3, 2011

Now That's What I Call Halloween: Volume II

Let's be honest, these are the pics you been pining for.  Better late than never.  I know you already have your Christmas tree up and your holiday music play, but humor me on one last blast from the Halloween past.

We took Lakin trick or treating and I was actually impressed with how involved she was.  Of course, the first house we went to she climbed up to the front door and then turned around and climbed down without waiting for the home owner to come to the door.  Once she figured out we were waiting for candy, it was game on.

Lakin had three friends to do the night with: Caleb, Audrey, and Lauren.

 Audrey had already started the candy eating party. She's the pumpkin to the far left.
 Eating a stick... sigh.
Trying to convince others to join her in eating the stick... sigh.

Our little troopers were happy to stay out late and even visited the scariest house in town with the promise of a king size candy bar.  Here are a few action shots from the evening.

Notice, there was no snow.  Holding strong, Rochester.  Proud of that.

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  1. They are all so precious. I like the picture of the big guy eating what looks like a Reese's peanut butter cup--already stealing the kid's candy!