Sunday, November 27, 2011

pack it up, pack it in, let me begin

Anyone get that House of Pain reference?

We had a thankful holiday, despite our little temper tantrum running a bit of a muck.  BTW, things are much better.  I think maybe the lingering ear infection was to blame, but now we know just how much fury is in that little lady.  I fear the teen years.

We spent the day at our friends, Casey and Daniel's, house.  Chris' parents came in town to celebrate with us.  It was a wonderful afternoon with friends and some delicious food.  Thanksgiving is such a wonderful holiday.  Completely about being thankful.  Pausing to share a meal with those you love.  Very few things can taint or distort the day.  This is our second Thanksgiving in Rochester and we have much to be thankful for.

 Here is Lakin getting a little pre-turkey nap in on the toilet.
 She was wearing a fancy little dress from Miss Cathy but after being stripped down for lunch we decided something more casual was the way to go since someone has been known to use her shirt as a bib.
 Here she is sneaking cracker #456.  Little hands would sneak up on the counter, snatch a cracker and disappear.
 Reading a few books to help someone from coming unglued.  It's a miracle she was sitting still for this photo.
 Lakin helped me crush cornflakes for the party potatoes.  It was a task she was extremely excited about
 until she realized
 she couldn't just help herself to the cornflakes.

 Lakin with her dad, what a good guy, wand and all.
 Fiji laying low.

 cracker # 513
and #514

Our hearts and bellies were full by the time we left that evening.  Hope your Thanksgiving was filled with the joy too!

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