Saturday, November 12, 2011

us: lately

can I just say there are so many times where I think, this needs to be recorded on the blog.  then days pass and the urgency wanes and I figure its not worth recording.

but life is full of tiny moments that are worth recording.

if I could have a camera in my hand at all times to capture these moments I would.

speaking of cameras, I love my job taking photos.  I am now working part time with Midwest LifeShots.  they hired me on.  they're teaching me tons and overlooking my blurry, over exposed photos, to see my potential.

my heart thrives when I take pictures.  I spend way too much time on pintrest admiring the art form.  I try to figure out lighting, angles, what the photographer must have said (or not said) the moment before the photo was snapped.  tiny moments are what we work to create and capture as photographers.

tiny moments around here include:

bg's ear infection that was discovered yesterday morning.  she is loving that antibiotic, acts like it's candy. the second she sees the oral syringe, she starts smacking her lips and repeating, "me."  Yes, baby girl, this medicine is for you.

while my prescription was filled, I got a chance to talk to my sweet friend, Ashley, who's expecting her first little boy in March.  We chatted about strollers and baby photography.  I'm so excited for them.  every time someone asks me questions about baby stuff I realize I'm getting rusty.  once you're out of the phase it's hard to remember what it was like to be in it.

Lakin and I raided Hobby Lobby a few nights ago.  we got the makings of a few homemade Christmas gifts and some glitter to glitterize our Christmas decorations.  also found our family Christmas stockings at a crazy discount (considering it's early November).  we've been having fun crafting and playing together downstairs lately.

Chris has been working his tail off.  we don't see the guy until well into the night and he's gone before we wake in the morning.  i'm so proud of him.  he never complains.  me, not so much, but Chris, he always has the best attitude.  he's so grateful for the learning opportunities.  he's pretty dang amazing.  still wish he could join us for dinner some nights.  but in due time.  the best moment of my day is when Lakin's eyes light up as she hears the garage door close and Chris come in from a day at work.  the world stops.  she smiles.  my heart melts.

Lakin wore the most ridiculously ruffly, pink outfit the other day.  each time I would look at her in it I would just die a little.  SO precious.

disregard the insane hair, we're working on something fantastic there.  trust me.

this morning we're making some breakfast for some of my favorite Rochester ladies.  yummers!

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  1. Great post! I've been missing your blogging! Love hearing about little moments in your life. And of course I love seeing pictures of miss Lakin!