Monday, December 12, 2011

snow diva

We had our "first" snowfall a small bit ago.  While Chris cleared the drive Lakin and I did some snow exploring.  A few observations from our brief stint outside.

1. Lakin can barely move in all her snow gear.  For those of you not from the Northern snowy states, snow pants are MANDATORY up in this place.  Like you must send them with your kids to go to school.  As in, they go outside when there is snow on the ground.  People will judge you if you don't pack snow boots, snow pants, hats, mittens, and a fleece lined coat.  That's quite the production when outdoor playtime rolls around.  I remember wearing snow pants like a total of five times.  It must have been one winter in Elementary school when I was actually interested in playing outside in the snow.
2. She's not a fan of gloves.  Straight up refuses to put those babies on.  Is frostbite a natural consequence I can allow to teach her a lesson?  Probably not.

3. When it came time to touch and play with the snow it was incredibly upsetting.  There were tears running down her freezing little face.  First snow play was an epic fail.  At least I snapped some photos before she came completely unglued.

 4. Lakin would rather put snow gear on and play with pretend snow from the warmth of indoors.  She's also would rather wear her PJs slightly unzipped.  That's just how she rolls.
She's such a cute little Bohemian babe in that head wrap.


  1. she would rather stay inside where it's comfy and warm...just like her mama!

  2. Maybe she needs a Northface Metropolis coat with hood! Also some ugg boots and some great mittens. She wants to be like her mommy.

  3. Brock hates snow too! It made him cry. Fortunately, we live in New Mexico, so he won't have to see very much of it.