Monday, December 19, 2011

so good and I'm not just talking about the boyz II Men Christmas album

This weekend was so good.

Christmas brunch with our favorite Rochester family
Pink horse rides
Shot a winter wedding of a beautiful bride and groom
Christmas choir music Sunday morning
Drove through the country to a very impressive homemade light display
Crock pot Macaroni and Stefon videos with friends

Some photos from our Christmas brunch...

Lakin is full of wonder these days.  She almost came out of her car seat at the sight of the "Peetee li-hts."  When she's really in awe she will say "oh boy."  When she successfully mounts or dismounts her horse she yells "I did ittttttt!"  She brings so much joy to our lives.

Hope your week is blessed with advent wonder as we prepare for the coming of the newborn King!   O Come, O Come, Emmanuel (Boyz II Men version- you're welcome.)


  1. Love the pics of Lakin playing piano in her sweet little Christmas dress. So precious!

  2. Wow! She is talking so much more than she was just a few months ago when we saw her. I love her dress!