Monday, January 23, 2012

Puffy Vest OR a completely random post about nothing

Today is a snow day in Rochester.  Icy rain.  Trust me, it has to be bad for this town to cancel.  Lakin and I are hiding out at home and taking it easy.  I even cleared our driveway using the snow blower.  Until today, the piece of machinery kind of intimidated me.  But the snow was thick and heavy and after a few shovels worth, I though it time I big my big girls pants on and fire up the blower.  It was not as difficult as I thought but it was pretty tough to push up the drive.  Still beats shoveling the entire driveway. 

Lakin's been very into dress up.  She likes to put my clothes on when its laundry day and the clean clothes make it up the stairs in their baskets.  As you can see she found my puffy vest and around her neck is my sports bra.  All fair game for lady.  Oh, her sweatshirt does fit her, it just tends to roll up over her belly and look like a little half shirt.  She is not wearing pants and she does have a tutu on.  Why not, right?

If you're wondering what's captured my daughter's attention it was some Saturday morning cartoon.  Stopped her dead in her tracks.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

This is What Co-Dependency Looks Like

They say the first step to overcoming addiction is to admit you have a problem.

In our house, we have a problem.

The addiction comes in the form of a pint-sized, Spanish-speaking, doe-eyed, little cartoon character named Dora.  You might be familiar with this reference.  Or perhaps you're not (in which case, consider yourself lucky).

Dora has captured the heart of our one year old and serious Dora fever has begun to set in.

It started innocently enough.  10 minute YouTube clips of Dora saving the birthday Wizzle so mom or dad could cook dinner, start laundry, use the restroom in peace.

Short YouTube clips turned into entire episodes via the dealer, Netflix.

Dora was desired day and night.  Often asked about in the first moments of the day and as Lakin would lay her head down at night.  "Dora?"

We've tried to cut back on the Dora consumption and have been met with resistance.  When the tv is turned off and the screen goes black her first response is, "oh no."  Then comes the anger.  The shakes.   The uncontrollable emotion.

Dora's ghost haunts Lakin throughout the day.  She points at inanimate objects and proclaims, "Dora!"  I have to gently break it to her that the coffee pot is not Dora.

For Christmas she received Dora socks and backpack from my parents.  She's pretty insistent that the socks always be worn and the backpack never leave her side.  She eats breakfast holding the backpack, drags it behind her as she runs around the house, and hates to leave for school without the thing.
We are beginning to save for rehab.  It will be a long road to recovery, we just hope our daughter is not too far gone.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

On living your dreams

There has always been this part of my heart that has hoped to create for a living.  I started out in college majoring in environmental design so I could create interiors.  Unfortunately, a lack of drawing skills and the risk of an F on my official transcript caused me to reevaluate my dreams and move to another major. I still sometimes wonder if I gave up too fast on that one.

As a teacher there was a lot of creative thinking.  I was designing lesson plans, creating a learning environment and putting together my students' assignments.  It doesn't sound terribly creative to someone who's never worked in a classroom but teachers are some of the most creative people you'll meet.  A lot of thought went into the way my classroom looked, how I set up our routines and the way my students learned.  Teaching definitely scratched my creative itch.

Since having left teaching I have missed being an "artist."  My current job is more administrative.  From time to time I get to help plan special events (which I do love a lot) and I had the opportunity to do some creating when it came to our summer camp.  But overall, it was not a position where my heart felt free to dream, design and create.  Since I started helping out at Midwest LifeShots I have been reminded just how much I need to create for things to be right in the world.  I love photographing people, capturing emotion and thinking about how to tell their story in a way that is honoring, artistic, and beautiful.  I love the design element of piecing together an album or designing a product that clients will fall in love with.  I have felt my heart come alive as I fall deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole of photography and design.

I have been encouraged by friends who are doing what they love.  Every. Single. Day.  My friend, Emily, just began her own photography studio in Jeff City, MO and blows me away with her creativity and talent.   My dear friend, Polly, is working to start a blog for profit and is loving every moment.  Several years ago, my college friend, Camille, began an event planning business in Austin, TX, which is super fly and professional.  She's been featured in all sorts of publications and even done some videos for HGTV (she's kind of a BIG deal).    What I love about these ambitious friends of mine is that they're living their dream.

I am excited to announce that I too am moving into a more creative field.  I will be ending my time at my current job to join Jen and Scott and the team at Midwest LifeShots.  I will be doing photography, editing images, creating albums and exercising my need to create.  I have loved my time as a staff coordinator and summer camp director but I am so excited to be a part of the Midwest LifeShots team and learn more about this growing passion of mine.  I didn't expect a job change while we lived in Rochester but God has opened the door and I'm stepping through.

The new position allows for more time with this girl since I will be working some from home and some from the studio.
I can't lie, the thought of extra snuggles in the morning, new adventures in the afternoon and more time together is a incredible perk to my new job.

I am excited to begin a new adventure.  I'm eager to work more part time and have a more flexible schedule and I am thrilled to continue to learn this craft.  I feel so lucky to get to live out a dream.  Thanks for being along for the ride!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Like a Lady

I have been in major clean out mode lately.  I went through closets, my jewelry, the over crowded crawl space and begun the process of purging and cleaning our home.  A new year always motivates me to get my stuff together and this year that meant getting rid of the things our family just does not use.  When Lakin discovered the discarded jewelry that I planned to take to work to see if there were any takers she was all about putting every piece on and wearing it throughout the house.  She would walk around with all her bling and say, "pretty, pretty."   I guess I won't be getting rid of the jewelery just yet.  Perhaps someone needs it for dress up time.

Speaking of dressing up, we have worn our Halloween costume around the house almost every day the last week and we put our tutu on as soon as we get home from school and don't remove it until bedtime. Why not?

Monday, January 2, 2012


no matter how many times she opened that door and cookie monster popped out it never got old.


such joy, such awe.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Chipotle, we love you.

like mother, like daughter

Chipotle is our new Christmas Eve tradition.  It's also our Halloween, Valentine's Day, and birthday tradition.  We also like to go there on Sundays.  Or really, anytime.