Saturday, January 7, 2012

Like a Lady

I have been in major clean out mode lately.  I went through closets, my jewelry, the over crowded crawl space and begun the process of purging and cleaning our home.  A new year always motivates me to get my stuff together and this year that meant getting rid of the things our family just does not use.  When Lakin discovered the discarded jewelry that I planned to take to work to see if there were any takers she was all about putting every piece on and wearing it throughout the house.  She would walk around with all her bling and say, "pretty, pretty."   I guess I won't be getting rid of the jewelery just yet.  Perhaps someone needs it for dress up time.

Speaking of dressing up, we have worn our Halloween costume around the house almost every day the last week and we put our tutu on as soon as we get home from school and don't remove it until bedtime. Why not?

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