Monday, January 23, 2012

Puffy Vest OR a completely random post about nothing

Today is a snow day in Rochester.  Icy rain.  Trust me, it has to be bad for this town to cancel.  Lakin and I are hiding out at home and taking it easy.  I even cleared our driveway using the snow blower.  Until today, the piece of machinery kind of intimidated me.  But the snow was thick and heavy and after a few shovels worth, I though it time I big my big girls pants on and fire up the blower.  It was not as difficult as I thought but it was pretty tough to push up the drive.  Still beats shoveling the entire driveway. 

Lakin's been very into dress up.  She likes to put my clothes on when its laundry day and the clean clothes make it up the stairs in their baskets.  As you can see she found my puffy vest and around her neck is my sports bra.  All fair game for lady.  Oh, her sweatshirt does fit her, it just tends to roll up over her belly and look like a little half shirt.  She is not wearing pants and she does have a tutu on.  Why not, right?

If you're wondering what's captured my daughter's attention it was some Saturday morning cartoon.  Stopped her dead in her tracks.

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