Saturday, January 14, 2012

This is What Co-Dependency Looks Like

They say the first step to overcoming addiction is to admit you have a problem.

In our house, we have a problem.

The addiction comes in the form of a pint-sized, Spanish-speaking, doe-eyed, little cartoon character named Dora.  You might be familiar with this reference.  Or perhaps you're not (in which case, consider yourself lucky).

Dora has captured the heart of our one year old and serious Dora fever has begun to set in.

It started innocently enough.  10 minute YouTube clips of Dora saving the birthday Wizzle so mom or dad could cook dinner, start laundry, use the restroom in peace.

Short YouTube clips turned into entire episodes via the dealer, Netflix.

Dora was desired day and night.  Often asked about in the first moments of the day and as Lakin would lay her head down at night.  "Dora?"

We've tried to cut back on the Dora consumption and have been met with resistance.  When the tv is turned off and the screen goes black her first response is, "oh no."  Then comes the anger.  The shakes.   The uncontrollable emotion.

Dora's ghost haunts Lakin throughout the day.  She points at inanimate objects and proclaims, "Dora!"  I have to gently break it to her that the coffee pot is not Dora.

For Christmas she received Dora socks and backpack from my parents.  She's pretty insistent that the socks always be worn and the backpack never leave her side.  She eats breakfast holding the backpack, drags it behind her as she runs around the house, and hates to leave for school without the thing.
We are beginning to save for rehab.  It will be a long road to recovery, we just hope our daughter is not too far gone.


  1. .... as long as she doesn't start chanting 3 step phases and breaking out into Spanish song there's still hope. Kayla's addiction was Barney- I think I like the little spanish chick vs. the big purple pedophile.... just sayin

  2. I see a new reality show in your future. Dora Addiction and Intervention.

  3. Remember Dora for potty training--Dora big girl pants might be magical.

  4. Funny :-)
    And Lakin's hair is getting so long and pretty!