Friday, February 24, 2012

know that you are loved

Ever read something and it just hits you in this super profound way?  That was my devotional reading this morning.  Need a little shoulder squeeze from the God of the Universe?  Read on.

From Feb. 24th, Jesus Calling by Sarah Young

"Be still in the light of My Presence while I communicate Love to you.  There is no force in the universe as powerful as My Love.  You are constantly aware of limitations: your own and others'.  But there is no limit to My Love; it fills all space, time, and eternity.

Now you see through a glass, darkly, but someday you will see Me face to face.  Then you will be able to experience how wide and long and high and deep is my Love for you.  If you were to experience it now, you would feel overwhelmed to the point of being crushed.  But you have an eternity ahead of you absolutely guaranteed, during which you can enjoy My Presence in unrestricted ecstasy.  For now, the knowledge of My loving Presence is sufficient to carry you through each and every day."

Pretty awesome.  Happy Friday, friends.


  1. My mom bought me Jesus Calling for Christmas and I LOVE it. It has already touched me so much and it's only February! Glad you read it too!

  2. I'm reading Jesus Calling too. Mel Voigt gave me a copy after I had Everett and it's great. Love knowing we're reading the same thing. :-)