Thursday, February 9, 2012

Lakin Lately

A few fun facts about our 19 month old:

- Big fan of wearing pretties to school.  Just the other day she picked out a necklace to go with her outfit before we left the house.

- Constantly inquiring, "Doing?"  when she wants to know what you're up to.  For example, when I'm cleaning the poop from her carpet she leans down in my ear and asks, "Momma, doing?" (true story from the other night- too much naked time after bath resulted in some ill-fated poop on the carpet).  Or when I'm pouring cereal, clipping my finger nails, cooking dinner, checking email, and the list goes on.

- She imitates my every move.  When I clear my throat in the car, there a small echo that can be heard from the back seat.

- Her favorite phrase right now is "hereyago."  She says it every time I hand her something or vice versa.

- She is still crazy obsessed with Dora and Boots (to be pronounced with extra emphasis on the ooo in the middle and t at the end).  Our car ride in the mornings is usually spent talking about these two characters even though they are nowhere in site.

- She prefers walking when we're out in public and is not into holding mom or dad's hand, thankyouverymuch.

- Disappointment of any kind typically results in an ostrich-like posture and some tears.

- She's been reading to herself in the crib each morning.  I don't know why we didn't put books in her crib earlier.  It extends her morning get up time by thirty minutes easily.

- She often asks for her nap and has been known to drag a pair of pajamas from her drawer into the living room when she's beat from the day and wants an early bedtime.  Sleep habits like her momma!

- She's very into coloring, although, she cannot be trusted with a crayon without close supervision.  Let's just say red was the unfortunate casualty this weekend.

- She's working on her colors right now.  When you ask her the color of something, her answer is always preceded with an "um...." and then she just names a color.  Every once and a while she gets it right but it's just luck at this point.

- She gives the best kisses and hugs.

Here's some photos of her loving on her Dora baby from my grandma.  Thanks grandma for sending this doll her way.  She loves it!

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