Thursday, February 2, 2012

writer's block

I have thought of you, dear blog, often.  I have meant to sit down and write.  I have filed ideas away of posts I wanted to share.  But when it came down to doing it, I didn't.  I've been a wee bit lazy around here these days.  Chris and I started watching Mad Men and it has consumed much of our free time together.  Chris has been home more lately since his current rotation is lighter which means I have missed the last several Pretty Little Liars episodes (which might be for the best, you decide) and I have let simple tasks go out the window.

So here we are.  Reunited.

Cricket, cricket.

I guess it's best to just jump right in.  We have been up to quite a few things.

Last weekend I shot a wedding with Midwest LifeShots.  It was a total blast, I learned a ton technically about the camera, and I can feel myself improving.  I certainly have more ideas these days when we shoot and Scott is able to explain to me how to set the camera to achieve the vision.  Weddings are probably my favorite kind of photography, but man, they are a marathon day.  Luckily we were able recharge with some Micky D's between the wedding and the reception.  I fully believe that double cheeseburger carried me through the reception.  I hope to put some images up from the day because we got some really awesome stuff.

Lakin is a talking fool.  I can't even tell you the amount of words in her vocabulary but she's soaking up words like a sponge.  We're taking a spin at potty training because I'm crazy like that.  So far, only one tinkle in the toilet but the girl LOVES to sit on the potty.  She requests drinks and reading materials and I figure the longer she camps out there the more likely she is to go in the potty.  There's a box of Dora fruit snacks sitting on the edge of the kitchen counter reminding her that a Dora snack could be hers if she makes some boo boo in the potty.  Naturally she's learning potty words, like stinky, boo boo, and pee pees.  I still giggle when she tells me boo boo and points to her diaper.  I need to grow up.  Yes, Chris and I rarely get to use the restroom in private without Lakin wanting to come in and announce to others that mommy and daddy are "go potty".  Her grammar needs work but we've got time to iron that out.

I got my new camera and I've barely had time to experiment.  I'm hoping to do some investigating with it this weekend.  I ended up with the Canon Rebel T3i and a 50mm lens.  I'm still saving for my fancy, one day lens but until then, I am eager to get my feet wet with what I've got.

I'll leave you with some photos of Miss Congeniality, herself.  After all, that's why you visit this blog anyway, right?

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  1. Keep the post coming. Grampa Lakin has an addiction. How about a blog every other day? That would be sweet!

    Lakin is such a big girl.