Saturday, March 31, 2012

No Shame

The camera came out and someone suddenly was hamming it up.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

New Chapter

Well, today is the first day I was not on my way to work.  I decided back in January that I wanted to pursue photography and come on with Midwest LifeShots, which meant leaving a beloved job with some of the most fabulous people.  It's 7:45 am, the time Lakin and I would typically be wrestling one another over a coat and some buckles on a car seat.  Instead, we're watching the Today show, sitting in our pajamas and thinking about the open day ahead of us.  I'm enjoying coffee, making a to do list for the summer and spring and Lakin is trying to feed soggy Dora cereal to her giraffe, Raff.

The whole thing is a bit bitter sweet.  Yesterday was wonderful as my co-workers wished me well and sent me off, bringing cards and flowers and kind words.  I realize, in many ways, Kingdom Kids is the means that God used to root us in Rochester.  These people were the ones who met me as a brand new mother, watched my daughter grow from a nap-refusing baby to a lively, sassy toddler.  She knows them each by name, offers kisses and hugs, goes nuts when she sees their kids arrive; this is Lakin's first home.  My baby grew up in that daycare.  Tear.

I loved my job.  I loved the people I was blessed to work with.  I am thankful that I will still see them at church and in the future when we bring our kids to the preschool.

And on the horizon is so much excitement and possibility with photography.  I get to work for friends, who graciously have taken me in, taught me to use a camera (and are continuing too) and value my ideas and opinions.  They are setting me up with Photoshop, getting me training and knowledge as I join their awesome family of a team.  My job is capture happiness.  I get to experience the most monumental day in a individuals life.  It is an ideal job and I can do it while being home more with my babies.

I know these next couple of months being home will be an adjustment.  I also know that they are a gift from God.  Here's to a new chapter for the Jaegers.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Partners in Crime

Our neighbors came over Friday afternoon for a little play date.  Audrey is 7 months older than Lakin and they have become good little friends.  Lakin asks every morning, "Audrey, doing?" and we can't pull into the garage without wondering about Audrey and if she can come over to play.

Friday, Audrey and Lakin ran around the house chasing one another and giggling leaving toys and random items in their wake.  After a few minutes of silence and a closed bedroom door, Jess peeked in on the girls and found them going through Lakin's dresser.  They had found two Dora shirts and tutus and were attempting to dress themselves alike.

Once Chris got home we took our families to Chipotle and Cold Stone for a strong end to a warm spring evening.

We lucked out moving in next to such fabulous neighbors.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

flower girl dresses, pancakes, and distracting others: a Lakin J original story

As mentioned, we attended our church egg hunt this Saturday morning.  Chris had the day off and was able to join in on the fun which was such a treat.  I believe the story is best told in pictures.  A few details to note, Lakin was wearing these adorable blue shoes that are about one size too big, she refused to wear them the entire morning so she is barefoot in every single picture.  The dress she is wearing was handed down from friends here in Rochester and is actually a flower girl dress.  I thought she looked like a mini bride.  Ah, so cute.  Lakin is adamantly opposed to combing her hair.
We arrived and caught the tail end of a magic show by Don B.,  Christian magician.  He was able to work the Easter story into his magic act.  It was relatively entertaining to Lakin and she kindly sat on her dad's lap through the entire thing.  We were off to a strong start.

Next up was the pancakes.  We waited in line for some cakes and sausage.  Lakin was quite disappointed to discover that we were not having actual cake for breakfast.  But with Go Fish Guys playing in the background and friends from school all around, she was able to keep her spirits up, choke down some p cakes and do a little impromptu dancing sans shoes in the gymnasium before we headed to our classroom for the hunt and lesson.

We did a quick Easter craft involving markers and stickers.  You can see Lakin's creative use of stickers above.  The markers were a nice addition to an already stunning craft project and Lakin loved taking the caps on and off.  By an Easter miracle, all marker managed to stay on the paper and not make it to the white dress.  Lakin's buddy, Benjamin, was also working hard to make a masterpiece.

It was then time to sit in the rainbow shape and hear about the resurrection eggs.  These eggs each contained a small trinket that told part of the Easter story.  You can tell from the photos below how Lakin spent the time during the lesson.  She was walking around the room and trying to get into the box the eggs came in.  Luckily there were a few other one-year-olds in the room who were also having a hard time sitting still.
 At one point Lakin tried to pull the bean bag out from behind Christie, a friend of mine from the preschool, who was teaching the lesson.  Christie just kept on with the lesson while Lakin struggled with the bean bag and kept saying, "out."

 When she felt the bean bag was a lost cause and her mother had removed her from the area she found a sheet covering the Little Tykes computer and decided that it was worth investigating.
She tucked herself under the sheet and moved around the computer from underneath the sheet while Christie wrapped up the lesson.

Have to admit I was a bit ashamed that she was not a better listener and that she refused to sit still while we learned about the eggs but I did have to laugh about her oblivion of all that going on around her while she explored the room.  She did give the other parents in the room a good chuckle while she was under the sheet.

Then it was time for the hunt.  Lakin was only mildly interested in finding Easter eggs.
 She preferred opening and closing the first egg she found over and over again.
 Her parents tried to give her a little help but she was more interested in other things.
 Like this construction hat.
 And her buddy, Ben.
So all in all, she found one egg on her own, four more with parental assists, and had the time of her life while kids scrambled around her to snatch up as many eggs as their little arms could carry.

There's always next year.  I'm marking it down as a wonderful memory and an overall win for the Jaeger family.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

swiper, no swiping

Lakin's been practicing her egg hunting for today's Eggstravaganza at our church.  There's a tiny competitive streak running through her blood, I'm certain of it.  (Probably from Chris' genes...)  I have some eggs on the table for a little spring decor, Lakin will climb her way up to the table to get at them.  Apparently she's also hiding them for a hunt too.  The other night I turned down my covers and found one in our bed.  Crazy kid.

I'll let you know how this morning's egg hunt goes.  Happy Saturday!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Dialogue between Mother and Daughter

I spent the better part of yesterday in bed sick.  Lakin stayed home with me and must have sensed her momma was feeling less than well.  She was perfect and offered her cuddles while we laid around together.  Of course, there was quite a bit of Dora watching... After consuming more Dora than anyone over the age of six should endure, I caught myself up on Pretty Little Liars, a show on ABC family that pretty much no one wants to admit they watch.  It's right up there with Gossip Girl (and yes, I have been known to dabble in that show as well).  It's like a soap opera for teens.  I watched during her nap but Lakin woke in the middle of the program and crawled in to bed with me and indulged too.

During each commercial break she would turn to me, cock her head to the side, put her hands up quizzically and ask, "happened, momma?"

My response was something like:

"Oh, she almost ran her over with the car."

"They just found out that's the person who's been trying to kill them."

"He's her teacher, but they're in love."

Lakin would nod her head and snuggle back down, as if these absurd story lines were completely normal.  Sometimes you gotta laugh.  Hopefully allowing my toddler to watch PLL with me when I'm sick won't do too much permanent damage to her.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

book worm

We spent the morning at the bookstore followed by the library last weekend when Gigi and Papa were in town.  This girl was in heaven.  She would sit down in the middle of an aisle and make herself right at home with a good book.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

unseasonably warm

 It's hot here.  In fact, Rochester got a little shout out on the Today show by Mr. Roker himself Wednesday morning for being so unseasonably warm.  Yesterday was almost 80 degrees.   This chick ain't complaining.  Needless to say, windows are open, the grill has been used and we've been soaking up sunshine like it was our job!  Thank you, God, for a warm spring.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

playing house

Isn't this just sweet?  Lakin's buddy, Benjamin, stopped in for an impromptu play date.  We are sure going to miss Ben when he moves to St. Louis this summer.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Gigi and Papa came for a visit this last weekend.  They brought with them a Dora tee for Lakin.  As soon as it was opened the shirt needed to be put on immediately.  It was a bit of a production and Lakin was constantly reminding us of her t-shirt the rest of the day.  That kid and her Dora.

Canned Goods Make Great Toys

A few fun facts:

Toddlers can do amazing things with canned goods.

Cans make fantastic noises when rolled or thrown across wooden floors.

Headbands can easily be worn as necklaces, in fact, that is preferred.

Ponytails will not be tolerated under any circumstance.

Monday, March 12, 2012

pretty much the best thing

When Lakin puts her head on me and gives me an unsolicited, "I love you, mommy."  Girl knows how to work it.  She also has a knack for getting every last drop of milk out of the cereal bowl.

Makes a momma proud.