Monday, March 5, 2012

12 Weeks, Alternately Titled: That Time I Wore a Blanket Shirt

So this was a self-portrait.

I am sure you couldn't conclude that on your own.

Next week I'm asking my husband to take a photo.

He thinks its creepy when women take pictures of themselves with their cameras in mirrors but desperate times call for desperate measures.

I certainly wasn't going to ask my toddler to take the picture.  Those are here pajama legs in the background- eating some breakfast before school time.

We announced baby #2 last weekend.  It was sort of a forced announcement since some of my friends were starting to catch on to me.  The belly is popping much faster with this baby than with Lakin.  I am walking around with a permanent poochy tummy and figured it better to let people know we're pregnant than to come to their own conclusions.

So week 12 has come and gone.  We're officially into second trimester and my body is breathing a sigh of relief.  I've been super wiped with this pregnancy and I have a pint size toddler who doesn't stop for no baby growing so life has been a bit of a blur as we manage to slug through each day.  Energy is returning and I'm feeling less and less out of sorts.

I've been eating like it's my job.  My full time job.  This baby wants Taco Bell and McDonald's.  Or maybe that's it's mommy.  I'm managing the cravings but a moment of weakness last week found me in the Taco Bell drive thru.  Guilty.  Shamrock shakes at Micky's are not helping the situation either.  

We tell Lakin about her future sibling and she likes to point to my tummy and say, "baby" but we're pretty sure she is clueless about this world-changing event.  She loves baby dolls and when we see babies in public but she's recently developed some jealousy over a new baby at daycare that is eating Ms. Cathy's time and attention.  Good practice and nice timing.

We have decided to let this baby be a total surprise.  It's going to kill me when we go for the anatomy ultra sound but I do love the idea of finding out just who will be joining this crazy family on his or her birthday.  So I will take deep breaths and put aside my type A, need-to-know-everything-before-it-happens-tendency and allow a true surprise to take place.

Thanks for being with us on the journey!


  1. Love the shirt and the 2nd picture which looks like you have a huge bee-hive hairdo.

  2. Hurray for not finding out if the baby is a boy or girl. One of the best surprises on earth! Also, totally relating the over-sized cravings with baby #2. So happy for you guys!

  3. Girl, your tummy looks pretty flat to me! You look great!