Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Dialogue between Mother and Daughter

I spent the better part of yesterday in bed sick.  Lakin stayed home with me and must have sensed her momma was feeling less than well.  She was perfect and offered her cuddles while we laid around together.  Of course, there was quite a bit of Dora watching... After consuming more Dora than anyone over the age of six should endure, I caught myself up on Pretty Little Liars, a show on ABC family that pretty much no one wants to admit they watch.  It's right up there with Gossip Girl (and yes, I have been known to dabble in that show as well).  It's like a soap opera for teens.  I watched during her nap but Lakin woke in the middle of the program and crawled in to bed with me and indulged too.

During each commercial break she would turn to me, cock her head to the side, put her hands up quizzically and ask, "happened, momma?"

My response was something like:

"Oh, she almost ran her over with the car."

"They just found out that's the person who's been trying to kill them."

"He's her teacher, but they're in love."

Lakin would nod her head and snuggle back down, as if these absurd story lines were completely normal.  Sometimes you gotta laugh.  Hopefully allowing my toddler to watch PLL with me when I'm sick won't do too much permanent damage to her.


  1. Love to start my day with a new blog and a picture of Lakin. Its nice to have a snuggler. She truly loves you.

  2. This is the best blog post anyone has posted in the history of blogging

  3. This whole dialogue cracks me up!! Hope you're better soon.

  4. Calling social services right now. Cute picture of wide-eyed innocence----now shattered. Ha.

  5. this may explain the look I saw this morning.....