Tuesday, March 27, 2012

flower girl dresses, pancakes, and distracting others: a Lakin J original story

As mentioned, we attended our church egg hunt this Saturday morning.  Chris had the day off and was able to join in on the fun which was such a treat.  I believe the story is best told in pictures.  A few details to note, Lakin was wearing these adorable blue shoes that are about one size too big, she refused to wear them the entire morning so she is barefoot in every single picture.  The dress she is wearing was handed down from friends here in Rochester and is actually a flower girl dress.  I thought she looked like a mini bride.  Ah, so cute.  Lakin is adamantly opposed to combing her hair.
We arrived and caught the tail end of a magic show by Don B.,  Christian magician.  He was able to work the Easter story into his magic act.  It was relatively entertaining to Lakin and she kindly sat on her dad's lap through the entire thing.  We were off to a strong start.

Next up was the pancakes.  We waited in line for some cakes and sausage.  Lakin was quite disappointed to discover that we were not having actual cake for breakfast.  But with Go Fish Guys playing in the background and friends from school all around, she was able to keep her spirits up, choke down some p cakes and do a little impromptu dancing sans shoes in the gymnasium before we headed to our classroom for the hunt and lesson.

We did a quick Easter craft involving markers and stickers.  You can see Lakin's creative use of stickers above.  The markers were a nice addition to an already stunning craft project and Lakin loved taking the caps on and off.  By an Easter miracle, all marker managed to stay on the paper and not make it to the white dress.  Lakin's buddy, Benjamin, was also working hard to make a masterpiece.

It was then time to sit in the rainbow shape and hear about the resurrection eggs.  These eggs each contained a small trinket that told part of the Easter story.  You can tell from the photos below how Lakin spent the time during the lesson.  She was walking around the room and trying to get into the box the eggs came in.  Luckily there were a few other one-year-olds in the room who were also having a hard time sitting still.
 At one point Lakin tried to pull the bean bag out from behind Christie, a friend of mine from the preschool, who was teaching the lesson.  Christie just kept on with the lesson while Lakin struggled with the bean bag and kept saying, "out."

 When she felt the bean bag was a lost cause and her mother had removed her from the area she found a sheet covering the Little Tykes computer and decided that it was worth investigating.
She tucked herself under the sheet and moved around the computer from underneath the sheet while Christie wrapped up the lesson.

Have to admit I was a bit ashamed that she was not a better listener and that she refused to sit still while we learned about the eggs but I did have to laugh about her oblivion of all that going on around her while she explored the room.  She did give the other parents in the room a good chuckle while she was under the sheet.

Then it was time for the hunt.  Lakin was only mildly interested in finding Easter eggs.
 She preferred opening and closing the first egg she found over and over again.
 Her parents tried to give her a little help but she was more interested in other things.
 Like this construction hat.
 And her buddy, Ben.
So all in all, she found one egg on her own, four more with parental assists, and had the time of her life while kids scrambled around her to snatch up as many eggs as their little arms could carry.

There's always next year.  I'm marking it down as a wonderful memory and an overall win for the Jaeger family.


  1. I love a good Jaeger family story, complete with pictures. Thanks.

  2. What a girl...thanks for a really good laugh tonight little Lakin!! You're too adorable for words.

  3. mystery of sticky bean bag- solved