Thursday, March 29, 2012

New Chapter

Well, today is the first day I was not on my way to work.  I decided back in January that I wanted to pursue photography and come on with Midwest LifeShots, which meant leaving a beloved job with some of the most fabulous people.  It's 7:45 am, the time Lakin and I would typically be wrestling one another over a coat and some buckles on a car seat.  Instead, we're watching the Today show, sitting in our pajamas and thinking about the open day ahead of us.  I'm enjoying coffee, making a to do list for the summer and spring and Lakin is trying to feed soggy Dora cereal to her giraffe, Raff.

The whole thing is a bit bitter sweet.  Yesterday was wonderful as my co-workers wished me well and sent me off, bringing cards and flowers and kind words.  I realize, in many ways, Kingdom Kids is the means that God used to root us in Rochester.  These people were the ones who met me as a brand new mother, watched my daughter grow from a nap-refusing baby to a lively, sassy toddler.  She knows them each by name, offers kisses and hugs, goes nuts when she sees their kids arrive; this is Lakin's first home.  My baby grew up in that daycare.  Tear.

I loved my job.  I loved the people I was blessed to work with.  I am thankful that I will still see them at church and in the future when we bring our kids to the preschool.

And on the horizon is so much excitement and possibility with photography.  I get to work for friends, who graciously have taken me in, taught me to use a camera (and are continuing too) and value my ideas and opinions.  They are setting me up with Photoshop, getting me training and knowledge as I join their awesome family of a team.  My job is capture happiness.  I get to experience the most monumental day in a individuals life.  It is an ideal job and I can do it while being home more with my babies.

I know these next couple of months being home will be an adjustment.  I also know that they are a gift from God.  Here's to a new chapter for the Jaegers.

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  1. I am indeed excited for your new adventures- You are a gift and I feel blessed that you got to share your gifts with Kingdom Kids and that I got a cool friend out of the deal :)