Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Partners in Crime

Our neighbors came over Friday afternoon for a little play date.  Audrey is 7 months older than Lakin and they have become good little friends.  Lakin asks every morning, "Audrey, doing?" and we can't pull into the garage without wondering about Audrey and if she can come over to play.

Friday, Audrey and Lakin ran around the house chasing one another and giggling leaving toys and random items in their wake.  After a few minutes of silence and a closed bedroom door, Jess peeked in on the girls and found them going through Lakin's dresser.  They had found two Dora shirts and tutus and were attempting to dress themselves alike.

Once Chris got home we took our families to Chipotle and Cold Stone for a strong end to a warm spring evening.

We lucked out moving in next to such fabulous neighbors.


  1. They are just the cutest and they look like they are all about mischief:).

  2. Oh my much sweetness my teeth hurt!! Those two look like BFF's in the making :) Thanks for sharing the fun wit the rest of us!

  3. What a darling picture of the two of them!

  4. Just rediscovered your blog! This pic is sooooo cute! I love these girls. Audrey asks about Lakin several times a day. "Lakin nigh-nigh?", "Lakin home?", etc. We often use Laking to set an example for Audrey, e.g. "Lakin's nigh-nigh" so in otherwords it's getting time for you to go to sleep too!