Monday, April 9, 2012

4 Months Preggie

In fashion with my updates with Lakin, here is the first installment of: Pregnancy deets you wished you didn't know...

Maternity clothes? Some pants still fit fine, mostly those with a little give.  I have worn my maternity jeans on a few occasions when I knew I would probably be indulging in some extra yummy goodness, i.e. any trip to Chipotle.  Breathing room is a gift, people.

Stretch marks? Too early. Hopefully we make it through this pregnancy unscathed.  

Sleep: Um, lets jut say I have been on Pinterest at some ungodly hours lately.  I wake up to pee a few times a night and sometimes I can lie awake for a couple of hours.  Ugh.  Nice thing is I have some napping flexibility with our new schedule.  

Best moment this week: When I ask Lakin where the baby is she lifts up my shirt to reveal my belly and gives the baby a kiss and a hug.  Yesterday she told me it was her baby sister.  We'll see if she's right come September.  

Movement: Gas or movement, jury is still out.

Food cravings: Well, if it's bad for you, I probably want to eat it.  Trying to resist my desire for a bag of potato chips and make healthy choices for myself.  Sometimes the baby wins out.  Baby wants what it wants.  

Gender: Check back mid-September.   

Labor Signs: Nope, too early.

Can we talk about how much of a belly I've got?  Crazy town.


  1. I think you have a pillow in there. You did not look pregnant at all in your Easter pics. Looking great, Sara!

  2. My goodness are you just a bundle of cuteness!!! Can't wait to meet this little one in September. I knew Lakin would be a sweet big sister!

  3. that grew over night! there was not that much belly yesterday. I'm feeling a smidge better cant wait to zumba tomorrow :)

  4. Cutest preggie woman I know!!! You're way too adorable Sara :)I can't wait!!!

  5. she's growing :) and by she I mean the baby.... my early guess (btw- I'm always wrong)

    in case you didn't know this week- I miss you- thinking a Friday luncheon at Chipotle soon- yes?