Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Baby J will be a Baller

Like you had any doubt.

I had my big anatomy ultra sound last week.  I was afraid it would be anti-climactic since we decided to not find our the gender of our baby but it was totally mind blowing to see another little person thriving and bouncing around in my womb.

The ultrasound technician asked me right off the bat if we want to know.  My response was something like this: "No, we're not finding out.... BUUUUT...  Nope we're letting it be a surprise... However...."  She laughed, apparently I was not the first indecisive momma to cross her path.  The woman was good though, she turned the monitor away every time we neared baby J's nether regions and I was as good as clueless when I left the appointment.

She called the baby beautiful and of course, in a momma bear kind of way, I could see all that beauty.  However, I will spare you the skeletor-like images from the ultrasound.  If you want to see them, they're up on the fridge.  Come on over.  :)

Baby J is looking good, dancing like big sister and appears to be one moving, grooving, little bean.  Now we just wait for September.

What do you guys think?  Boy or girl?

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  1. I'm going with your Dad's prediction and saying Boy despite Lakin disagreeing with me