Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Baby M On the Way

I want to start sharing some of our company work with you.  I mean, I left my job to be a photographer and I figured you might be interested in seeing some of the work I've taken part in.  Please know that the images I share are from Midwest LifeShots, they may or may not have been specifically taken by me.  However, if I share it, it was a session I worked on.

My friend, Catherine, most recently let us take her maternity photos as she waits for baby girl M to make her big appearance.  Isn't Catherine the cutest little pregnant woman you've ever seen?  She came to the session with tons of ideas and Jen and I had beautiful subjects and a great setting at Quarry Hill to be able to capture some pretty spectacular stuff.  Can't wait to meet baby girl M come May.  She's due on my birthday after all, so I feel we're already deeply connected.

All images ©Midwest LifeShots Photography

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