Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Overzealous Parent Documents Easter

I'm crazy.

But then again, if you've visited this blog, you know that.

And yet, you're still coming back for more.

Went a little crazy documenting our Easter celebration this year.  You're welcome.  Enjoy.
 Woke up with this little one looking cute and begging for some loving.  We read the Easter story and went to church.
 She was thrilled to have her photo taken, as you can obviously tell from that expression.  Chris was looking quite dapper this Easter morn, if I do say so myself.
 "Read it."
 Mommy and Lakin, take one.  Eyes closed.
 "Oh mommy, you are so hilarious."  Just two girls and we're having a good time, having a good time.
 And this is when the loving became suffocating.  Time for church!
 While brunch was cooking, Lakin opened her Easter basket.  My parents sent her an awesome Easter package this year as well as her basket from Chris and I filled with some Target Dollar Section gems.
 Among the goodies from Grandma and Grandpa was this sweet book about being a big sister.
 Dora was lurking around every corner this Easter.
Doing some digging to find out what was inside her Dora trash can.
 Holy stickers!  Awesome time had by all with these stickers.  Still finding them randomly around the house.
 "Dis one, pleeeeze, Mom"
 "Oh, and dis one and dis one too."
 Handmade cinnamon rolls for the kitchen made by my crafty mother, modeled by my husband.

 Dora tattoos.  Chris, Lakin and I have matching Dora tattoos on the inside of our wrists.  It's a Jaeger family marking.
 Brunch time!  Party Potatoes- Jaeger family classic dish.
 Deviled eggs, devoured in one day.  Sick and beautiful all in one.
 Pumpkin muffins
 Egg Bake- Aunt Cheryl style.  Yes, please.
And as most holidays of fun end, some tears and finger pointing.  Oh my, she's not even two yet!

Hoping your Easter was full of blessings and Dora tattoos as well.


  1. Once again a bunch of pics to prove you are the cutest family EVER!!! I love the cinnamon is your mom talented. I can't even imagine Lakins excitement over all the new Dory items in her life!

  2. I noticed Lakin's Juby Slippers!