Tuesday, April 3, 2012

random thoughts

- Ever feel like you spend more time dreaming than actually doing?  I can't tell you how many pins I've made on Pinterest but have yet to get off my tush and make it happen.  I got time.

- Insecurity keeps us from living.  I have avoided classes at our gym forEVA.  I figured I was not that in shape or that I would look ridiculous.  Guess what?  I did... look ridiculous. But no less ridiculous than the eighty year old woman in a turtleneck and jeans Zumba-ing her little heart out.  And guess what, no one was judging her.  Lesson learned: get over yourself and get out there.

- Revenge, the show on ABC, is very good.  It is also keeping me from productivity.  Not familiar?  No problem, you can catch all the episodes on hulu.com.  Watch them.  Then lets talk about it.

- Photoshop is crazy complicated.  Like, they win an award for the most confusing software yet.  No worries, I have a book.  I can be self-taught.

That is all.  For now.  You've been warned.

I'll leave you with a sweet image of Lakin and Lindy reading together.  Lakin feels jewelry is best worn together.

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