Saturday, May 26, 2012

5 Years Strong: A Trip Down Memory Lane

Five years ago today I married my best friend.  The day was perfect, just as I imagined and I had no idea just how blessed I was to call myself his wife.

Chris and I have known one another since middle school.  We go as far back as 6th grade.  I wasn't too fond of Chris in middle school.  I was pretty awkward, (in a blue tights and thrift store t-shirt kind of way) and Chris and his friends were cooler than me (not saying much) and they knew it.  Chris was rocking Science Olympiad competitions while I was creating Spice Girl music videos on the weekends with friends.  Little did we know that someday we would be husband and wife.

Through high school we were in similar circles.  Young Life was a significant part of our high school experience and foundational in both of our spiritual walks.  We ran with mutual friends but did little mingling between one another.  I was pretty good friends with Chris' brother, David, and spent time at the Jaeger household when I was hanging out with Dave.   Here's a fun fact: I almost asked Chris to Sadie Hawkins our senior year.  We were TAs together in a class and I thought he'd make a fun dance partner but opted instead to ask his best friend, Adam, instead.  (Adam was a wonderful date, btw.)

College came and we ended up in the same dorm at the University of Missouri.  Adam and Chris lived on the floor above me and we had a freshmen level psychology class together.  I used to walk to psych class with Chris freshman year, having to knock on his door and wake him from his mid-afternoon nap in front of CMT (ah, college- glorious).  We both led Young Life but at different high schools.  We both served in the middle school ministry at our church and attended a weekly Bible study together.

Sophomore year of college I looked across the table at Lion's Choice and saw Chris for the first time. Like realized this gem of a man had been in my life all these years and it had never dawned on me what a fine catch he was.  I went home and told my roommates I was going to marry Chris Jaeger.  (I sound crazy, impulsive, and dang sure of myself, don't I?)  I began privately (not so private if you asked my dear friends) swooning over Chris.  I would take lots of time and care to look my very best when I knew I'd run into him.  I offered rides home from leadership or Bible study, rides back to KC when we were both headed that direction.  I tried to put out my lady tiger vibe and Chris was absolutely clueless.

After a year of hoping and praying this dude would wise up and ask me out I decided it was time to move on.   Chris did not give any indication that he was interested and I wondered if my infatuation was completely one-sided.

Over Christmas break our junior year, I received a phone call out of the blue.  It was Chris.  He sounded nervous and he wondered if I'd want to go to the Nelson Atkins Art Museum with him.  I remember sweating bullets as I took the phone call and told him, "yes, I'd love to go."  I got off the phone and was so uncertain if this was a date or a friend thing.  I did a celebratory dance and then got myself ready.  He'd asked if I had wanted to go later that day.  He was cute, but not date savvy- who asks a girl out for later that day?  But I didn't care that he'd asked last minute, I'd waited an entire year for something to happen and I wasn't about to go all Emily Post on him.

After what I considered to be a successful first date he waited an entire MONTH to ask me out again.  The agony.  The uncertainty.  The painfully slow process that he took.  By the way, Chris is still much slower and thoughtful about big decisions.  I have always been the one waiting on him to join the party.  I have learned in marriage, though, to treasure this wisdom he has and to thank God I didn't marry someone as impulsive as me.  The good Lord always knows what He's doing.

We dated two and half years before we got married in 2007.

I dug up some photos for a good laugh.
 Two blondies!
 Chris made that cake for my birthday and to celebrate my summer internship in DC.
 Chris came out to DC to visit while I spent the summer there.  I am certain this summer apart was what convinced Chris he simply could not live without me.
 Sweaty at the outdoor wedding of friends.  Oh, red eyes, you make me look like the devil every time.
 Chris after the Chicago marathon.  So proud of his accomplishment!

 Our engagement photos.  These were more of the out takes.  Oh, my.

And my personal favorite.  Yes, folks, he still married me.
 Our first look.

Babe, it's been an awesome five years.  You were totally worth the nail-biting wait.  Here's to many more blessed years together!  Happy Anniversary.


  1. I LOVED reading your story!! Thanks so much for sharing it. I love knowing someone else spent nail biting moments waiting for their thoughtful guy to "join the party"! Have a wonderful anniversary and may God grant you many many many more years together.

  2. A clueless Jaeger man, I can't imagine that! ;-)

  3. Happy Anniversary! I know God is honored by your marriage and your kids will be so lucky to have a great example for a healthy relationship. I hope you guys were able to find some time to celebrate together!

  4. Happy Anniversary! Loved reading that. Oh and you are in DIRECT sunlight for your engagement pics. What the heck?! :). I love how you're serious in about 1/10th of these pics. He's a great guy. Excited to get to know him better! Oh and you are a fabulous couple :)