Friday, May 11, 2012

Big 2.8. What? What?

Today is my birthday.

I will be celebrating by going to numerous garage sales this morning and indulging in some delicious Mexican fare served on Styrofoam plates- the way God meant for Mexican food to be served.  I know, I live the fancy life.

Speaking of fancy, my friend, Lindy, made it rain glitter last night.  ALL OVER MY TOES.  That's right, I turned 28 in style with glitter toes.  And this weekend I'll be going to my senior prom.  Okay, not really.  If you can't have glitter toes at 28, when can you have them?  Amen and thank you, Lindy.  I can't stop staring at my feet.

I woke up this morning to this sweet homemade card from my husband.
For those who can't read his tiny scrawl, it says: "How did Chris get you and I'm stuck with Betty?  Anyway, Happy Birthday."

Oh, Don Draper, you always make me laugh.  We just finished the 4th season of Mad Men on Netflix so this reference is especially amusing to me.  I love all my husband's handmade cards but this one is at the top of the list.

Another year older and wiser.  Or, at least older.

Be thankful I don't have an iPhone to live tweet and instagram this birthday experience.  One picture of my toes today is probably all anybody needs to see.


  1. Dang girl, those are some long toes. Kinda freaky!
    Have a Great Birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday! love the toes! enjoy your day and your mexican food!