Saturday, May 12, 2012

Busy Bags are the bomb.

Busy Bags are all the rage right now.  Basically a small group of moms (or dads) create a couple of simple activities with items they have around their home or can find inexpensively and reproduce the activity for distribution among their other mommy friends.  An exchange is hosted and you trade the multiples of your activity for the other bags created by your friends.

My small group decided to take on the venture.  To celebrate and make the exchange we went to Rochester's new restaurant, The Loop.  The Loop was delicious and so hip inside.  We ordered 6 different entrees and split them among the table so we got to try a buffet of menu items.  It was glorious.  Their cocktails looked amazing.  I will be ordering one next fall.

Here's the group of moms:

From left: Elizabeth, Heidi, Lisa, Lori, me, and Jen

On a side note: I laughed out loud that Urban Spoon recommends Dominoes Pizza if you like this restaurant.  Not quite, Urban Spoon, but good try.

The goods:
 Hand sewn bag for the goodies to be stored.
 Lacing Cards
 Shade Sorters
 Organic Playdough
 Shape Pattern Cards
 Colored Noodles for Sorting or Stringing
 Felt Board Faces (think Mr. Potato Head but more portable)
 Rainbow Rice Sensory Box
Opposites Puzzle

Not Pictured, Egg Carton Color Sorters.

It was a great night with some wonderful friends and we now have a ton of new things to keep the bug busy.

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