Tuesday, May 1, 2012


I really want an iPhone.  Am I the last person on the planet without a smart phone?  Don't answer that.
Think of all the pictures I could take.

The Dora vids that Lakin could enjoy.

The hilarious text messages I could send.

iPhone owners, please tell me that this upgrade is justified.


  1. I still have a phone with a slide-out keyboard. No smart phone here...yet. The only uncool part is the monthly bill. Other than that, sign me up! Think of everything we could accomplish!!!

  2. You are not the last person without a decent phone. Phil and I have been considering upgrading too. It would more than double our current bill. We'll see.

  3. do IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You will not regret it

  4. I did not think I wanted one, until my dad sent him his old first generation iphone when he got a new one.. oh boy... i'm in love. I am able to snap so many photos and videos and send them to out of town family SUPER easily and quickly. That's the best part for me. Oh, and getting email on my phone because when I turn on the laptop Natalie just wants to play with it.

  5. Try to wait until October. (Rumor has it that when Apple will release the new iPhone.)

  6. Just upgraded to a a 4S--so. totally. worth. it