Monday, May 21, 2012

Kansas City! A Post with an Unbelievable Amount of Photos

We had the wonderful fortune of attending two friends weddings back home in Kansas City this last week.  Chris' brother, David, was home for the week so it was an extra special treat to spend quality time with him since he lives in Seattle and we don't get to be together all that often due to crazy schedules and expensive airfare.  Lakin loved the week with Gigi and Papa (Chris' parents) and Grandma and Grandpa (my folks).  Last time we were home was over the New Year and she's certainly a more active kid now!

Prepare yourself for details and photos galore!

 Lakin enjoyed about 6 rounds of Dora and the Crystal Kingdom in her travels from Minnesota to Missouri and back.  Thanks Miss Cathy for loaning us this gem of a travel partner.
 Wedding #1 was for friends, Scott and Sara.  Sara was seriously so gorgeous.  Can't wait to see their professional photos.  They married at Redeemer church downtown and had their reception at a new venue, Black on Burlington in Northtown.  It was freaking awesome. What a cool place for a reception and Sara had tons of personal touches to make the space their own.
 I loved Sara's dress.  Their babies will be pretty dang good looking, don'tcha think?
 This handsome devil is my brother-in-law.  This is his smoulder look.
 We dined on Jack Stack BBQ.  OH MY WORD.  Kansas City BBQ is out of this world.  Jack Stack is my ultimate for KC BBQ though.  You Minnesotans who think Famous Dave's is wicked delicious would be knocked off your feet.  Thank you, Scott and Sara for some D.Licious grub.
 Please check out the ambiance.  Oh, and the photographer in the photo.  Whoops.  :)  Since becoming a wedding photographer myself, I love watching photogs at weddings to see just what they're up to...
 Geri getting her boogie pants on!
 We had Mother's Day breakfast with my parents at Kate's Kitchen.  Lakin was in a grumptastic mood.  Don't let that look fool you.
 Lakin spent the greater part of her vacation at the edge of my parents property calling to the cows and pigs and horses (who were not present).

 Where does she get these faces?  I have a guess.
 Awesome Mother's Day hug peace offering for the birthday bathtub poop debacle.

 We did Mother's Day Grill Out at the Jaeger's.  Geri with her boys.
The whole crew.  Can we please take a minute and be astonished at the size of that bump?  Oh my goodness.  Out of control.
 Geri scored a great deal at a garage sale and we took full advantage of the wagon and the beautiful Kansas City weather.
 Lakin took to Papa's MU Tiger's hat.  Good taste in Universities.  She spots the Tiger and says, "Go Tiger."  Watch out Columbia, MO.  Lakin might be headed your way someday.
 We found ourselves at several parks.
 We celebrated Chris and my birthdays at Pizza Bella and finished off the meal with gelato from Glace.  Both babies like the pizza and gelato.   Just like their momma!
Lakin with her napkin hat on.
 For our birthday gift, David took us out to breakfast one morning.  We dined at You Say Tomato, a great local restaurant, with seriously awesome food.  My breakfast sandwich was incredible.
 Chris had the french toast.  Yes, I am that person who photographs what she's eating at a restaurant.  I am thinking of creating a blog of images of the food I eat.  Would you subscribe?
 Lakin enjoyed the many fountains at Zona Rosa.  She was quite unsure of the water at first but quickly got into the fun.

 Becoming less timid by the minute.
Full immersion.
 My mom went with us to Deanna Rose Farmstead in Overland Park.  It was a great place for kids Lakin's age or a little bit older.  If you're in KC and looking for something fun and FREE (Mon-Thurs) check this farmstead out.
 Making Grandpa proud- although he'd probably prefer she picked the John Deere.

 The petting area with baby goats only confirmed Lakin's affinity for baby goats.  She hugged every goat in the pen.

 Grandma had some markers for coloring.  Lakin has to color with markers shirtless.  It's a rule.
Friday evening we attended Steve and Brooke's wedding.  Steve was my best friend in high school.  Sure do wish I'd gotten a decent shot where you could see the big smiles on their faces.  The wedding was a blast, the band was kickin, and we rounded off the evening with Taco Bell drive thru on the sidewalk.  If that doesn't say "Good Time" I don't know what does.

Our week away with family was filled with lots of laughter, tons of great food (obviously) and much needed relaxation.


  1. I am loving your new camera! How come we never had a play date with that? The pictures are really amazing. I especially like Lakin at the top of the slide and Lakin with the marker. Have you read the book Purple, Green, and Yellow by Robert Munsch? You might enjoy that one. Hey, I miss you and that perfectly acceptable, modest bump around the preschool. Hope you're having a fantabulous time taking pictures!

  2. Love the pictures! Lots of little goats down here in Bolivia if she's interested ;)

  3. Lakin looks so different with her hair back in a pony! I like it! Looks like a great trip. So glad you had fun.

  4. awesome pictures of Lakin!! We loved Deanna Rose when we went to KC last year. By the way...Colin and Julie found out they are having a girl!!!!

  5. Seriously love "You Say Tomato" . ...delish! And one doesn't need to eat the remainder of the day . ..

    Your family just keeps getting cuter.. .