Tuesday, May 8, 2012


I love the way...

Lakin likes to sit in bed, any bed, and read books.  She will holler from the other room.  "More books, momma," when she needs a new stack.

She takes the books from my hands and reads aloud to me.  They all begin, "One day..." and then she describes the pictures: "he climbed the water, kitty walked by, eff-a-lant (elephant) at the zoo," etc.

"Oh no!" is uttered in the most dramatic fashion any time the ball rolls downstairs or she drops something on the ground.

She's been telling people that her bump is from "fall off my bike."  when really she knocked her beezer taking a tumble when standing in the stroller.  Where did she come up with the bike story?

She has a tiny stutter when she's desperately hungry.  "I h-h-h-h-hungry, mommy."  I believe it's a cute ploy to get pretzels in the morning.

When asked a question about preference she always takes time to think through her answer with a "ummmmmmm..."

It was my Grandmother's birthday yesterday.  And my friend, Kristen.  And our neighbor, Adam.  I made a few videos to attempt to wish them a happy birthday.  Here are some of the failed attempts.

Happy birthday Grandma Short, Kristen, and Adam!

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  1. "My baby can read." Saw it on tv. I know she is a genius. Every grandma thinks their grandchild is.