Friday, June 29, 2012

A Day in the Life of Lakin

 6:40 am -Wake up time with fake cough to let mom and dad know I'm almost ready to be sprung from the crib.

7:20 am-Fiercely knock on wall to let my momma know I am done reading and singing and I need to get out of the crib pronto.

7:30 am-Do a little b-fast in my high chair, maybe PB toast, maybe yogurt and granola, I switch it up to keep things interesting.

8:00 am- Play with my Dora house and place Dora furniture and legos all over the house for mom to step on, try and spread the pieces in as many places as possible- bonus points for discovering a new spot for Dora and I to play (just yesterday I set up a living room scene on the toilet lid).

9:00 am- Club kids at the gym, or on this particular day, walk to the park. Mom's got to get her exercise on and I need to get out of the house. 
 9:10 am - Can't start walk until I say hello to my favorite tree and run around the yard a few times, also gotta give a shout out to the baby birds living in our front door.
 9:30 am - Finally walking, got my shades and my Dora peeps to keep me company while mom pushes me to the park.
 9:45 am - Hold up, is that the mac daddy of dandelions?  Absolutely not passing that one up, pick myself a pretty flower and blow all the seeds throughout the neighborhood.
 10:00 am - At the park and mom is graciously teeter tottering with me.  It entertains me for about 2 seconds and then I 'm off to other playground stuff.
 10:55 am- Pretty sure mom just told me it's time to go but if I avoid eye contact I'm certain she'll think I didn't hear her.  Deny, deny. deny.

11:40 am- Lunch and a little Super Why before I conk out for nap time- I'm not sleepy, I don't know why she always insists I lay down...

4:00 pm- And I'm up, maybe I was a little tired.  This cute dress came in the mail for me from my grandma- she sewed it herself.  Of course I strip myself down and put it on right there.

4:30 pm- Ask to wash my hands, one of my favorite past times.
 4:45 pm- Mom's got her camera out again, I guess I'll humor her just this once.

 5:00 pm- After digging through all mom's stuff in the bathroom I find my special "make-up" and apply it to my own cheeks, then mom's, then all my stuffed animals.
5:30 pm- We head outside to draw and blow bubbles and wait for dad to get home.


  1. Loving the play by play of your day. She is starting to ham it up for the camera. Darling dress, darling Lakin!

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE this....hilarious!!!