Monday, June 11, 2012

Missing you...

I've missed the blog lately.  Have been busy enjoying summer but have thought often of writing down some of our fun family adventures.   I figured an update was in order.

I have decided to put potty training on hold until August.  There was some success but I felt like I was better trained than baby girl and that, I fear, would make for a long, frustrating road ahead of us.  One that involves a three hour plane ride and a week in Seattle.  So, we're taking a tiny break from the potty time and letting things happen at their own pace a bit.  I do think Lakin is close to ready but when it comes down to going in the potty, it's totally by chance and not completely by control or understanding.  You don't know how hard it is for me to take a time out.  When I set my mind to something and publicly announce that I am going to do it, I have a hard time backing down.

I shot my first wedding of the summer Saturday.  I was the second shooter with Scott and our couple, Emma and John, were so sweet and lovely.  They had the most insanely fun bridal party and we had a blast capturing their day.  I cannot wait to see the photos.  At the end of the day I hugged the bride and groom and left feeling like I had made new friends.  That's honestly the best part about shooting weddings is getting to develop relationships with the clients.  You spend a lot of time with them on the most significant day of their lives.  Awesome sauce.

 We did lots of lounging together this weekend in Minnesota's steamy 90 degree weather.  Lakin loves to do what her daddy does.  Here they are just kicking back and watching the news.
 I broke down and bought the cheapest pool at Walmart since last summer's pool did not survive the winter.  For $7.87 it has already proven it's worth.  We've been in that pool the last five days in a row and have totally enjoyed all that it's 3 inches of water can offer.
 Our neighbors are staying with us currently while they have tile installed in their home.  It's a tiny girl's dream to go to bed at night and wake up with her best friend only doors away.  It's been a hopping household with four adults and three kids but we are having a blast sharing our space and pool with the Hoffmans.  
 These two are like sisters.  Extreme love and sometimes extreme opportunity for conflict.  Mostly love though.
Miss Audrey is so grown up with her pierced ears.

Bath time after some chocolate cake consumption.  Oh my word!

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