Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Some Sneak Peeks

It's full blown wedding season.  I have had some delicious wedding cake every Saturday for the last three weeks.  Score!  Business for Midwest LifeShots is booming and brides are in my dreams.  I absolutely LOVE shooting weddings.  So far this season has been a gift of sweet brides, appreciative families, and an explosion of creative ideas behind the lens.  Here are a couple sneak peeks from the last couple weekends to give you an idea just what we've been up to so far this summer.

My first wedding of the summer was Emma and John's.  What a beautiful couple with the most outrageous bridal party.  This group was UP FOR ANYTHING and Scott and I had a blast capturing their big day.  The evening ended at John's parent's house where they hosted an intimate and personal reception under a big white tent.  Had some really wonderful butternut squash ravioli from the Canadian Honker.

The next weekend was a double header with a wedding Friday evening and one Saturday.  Jenna and Scott were our bride and groom Friday evening and Scott and I had the pleasure of shooting their wedding.  I was practically drooling over Jenna's gorgeous lace dress.  The couple was totally in love, up for some amazing photos and the evening was super chic and classy.  We rounded out the evening at the Somerby Golf Course with some awesome sunset pictures.  Our feast included veggie ravioli that was seriously some of the best wedding grub I've ever had and cake with two layers; carrot and mocha.  This pregnant woman was in HEAVEN.  Jenna was a gorgeous and gracious bride.

Saturday Jen and I headed to Iowa to cover Sadie and Kellen's wedding.  The entire day was spent at Sadie's grandmother's farm.  The wedding has a sweet rustic feel and Sadie looked like a princess with her flowing blonde hair.  Jen and I enjoyed snow cones and BBQ at the reception and got some rockstar shots with the couple and their bridal party.  Most amazing moment of the night (beside the nuptials) was the guy who played two recorders at once for a surprise serenade at the reception.  Definitely didn't see that one coming.

Finally this last weekend Jen and I shot the wedding of Amy and Wade.  If there was ever a smiley bride, it was Amy.  She didn't stop smiling and giggling the entire day and her excitement was contagious.  We had tons of time to get some super stuff between the ceremony and reception and I can't wait to see all the photos once they're edited and ready for the clients to review.  Amy and Wade were one of the most personable and fun couples I've ever worked with.  We had a blast hanging with them all day.
I am so glad we've started doing these sneak peeks for our brides on our Facebook page.  It's pure agony waiting to see images from the day.

The next couple of weekends I'm off but then it's back in wedding gear for the months of July and August.  This pregnant body needs to hang in there a couple more months.  There are so many weddings I'm looking forward to shooting this summer.  I'll continue to share photos from the BIG  days.  And, I love my job.

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