Monday, June 4, 2012

Working to Kiss the Diapers Good-Bye and our Weekend

Every thirty minutes a special duck timer quacks at Lakin and I today telling us it's time to go to the potty and try.  We've had one success and 7 tries so far today and this momma is exhausted with the process.  We trudge on though.   Lakin earns a Dora sticker for each try and two Dora fruit snacks for each attempt.

It amazes me what she will do for a Dora snack.

I've been reading Skippyjon Jones to her while she sits and waits for potty magic to happen.  I am sick of reading in a Spanish accent and think I may have the LONG book almost memorized.  It will have all been worth it when she's wearing underwear and I'm $50 bucks richer each month from the diapers I'm not buying.

Hard to believe she's old enough for this.

Had a fantastic weekend filled with lots of wonderful time with some special people in our life.

Saturday morning we attended Caitlin's 4th birthday party and Lakin was just in heaven running around the soccer complex and bouncing in the bounce house.  She'd regularly stick her head out the bottom of the bounce house and call for kids or mommy to come bounce with her.
 Asher ready to party!
 bounce house mania
 Party guests had their own "jersey" with their name on it.
 Scarlett and Lindy.  Bounce houses can sometimes be a little scary.
 The amazing birthday girl and her remarkable gymnastic skills.
 Lakin ribbon dancing /doing magic tricks.  Her words, not mine.
Cheesing it up while we rounded the kids for a chaotic group picture to end the party.

Saturday afternoon I had the privilege of attending Amanda's bridal shower.  Patrick and Amanda are eager for their July wedding.  Amanda worked for me a Camp Kingdom Kids last summer but we know her so well since she's Cathy's daughter.  Lakin loves Amanda so much and will probably shout out for her attention as she walks down the aisle.  I can't wait to see how she reacts when she sees Amanda in her wedding gown for the first time.  It will probably be similar to the Dora experience at Mall of America earlier this year.  Total shock and awe.

 Cathy was lovely that day.  Her laugh is just so infectious.  I can't tell you how many photos I have of her in fits of laughter and joy.  Love it.
 The bride and her momma!
So thankful to know such a fantastic young woman.  Amanda and Patrick are headed for Chicago after they wed for her to begin her teaching career and Patrick to attend grad school in film studies.  I'm so excited to see what God has in store for this special couple!

Saturday night we had nachos on the patio of one of our favorite local restaurant with good friends and Lakin enjoyed playing in the sandy beach after dinner.  Melted cheese, outdoor dining, messy feet.  Win. Win. Win.

Sunday was filled with patio table shopping after church, time in the yard with our neighbors, and a delicious veggie lasagna and garlic bread with friends for dinner.


I will have a sister soon!  David proposed to his girlfriend, Jessica, and she said YES!  We can't wait to celebrate the engagement in a few weeks when we make the trip to Seattle.  Jessica is a beautiful woman inside and out and she's captured David's heart.  It's been so fun to hear about their romance  from David's point of view.  He's pretty smitten.

We met Jessica a year ago when we visited David.  At the time they were simply friends but I had suspicions that there wasn't a bit more to that story...

We are thrilled to welcome her into the family and Lakin is looking forward to spending some quality time with her future aunt!

Congrats Dave and Jess!  You two are so blessed to have found one another.


  1. There is a big smile on my face reading this and looking at the pictures. So many happy events! Loving the wrap up, of course. Can't wait till Seattle trip to spend more time with Jessica!

  2. 1. Lakin is getting so big! Potty training?!! Tell that girl to slow down--she's growing too fast.
    2. I want to meet Ms. Cathy.
    3. CONGRATS to the Jaeger family on the engagement! How fun!!!!!!
    4. Miss you.
    5. It will say this is posted by Tom but it's Bonnie (I'm on his comp)!