Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Visit from the Twinkies

Our good friends, the Roach family, came to stay with us for a few days and we were able to celebrate Carly and America's birthday with some wicked intense Rochester heat.  Matt and Carly are friends of ours for life.  They live in St. Louis currently and have ten-month-old twin girls, Peyton and Reese.  I had a blast snapping shots of these cuties who are never sitting still.  Never.  It was quite a chaotic house with a toddler and two mobile babies rocking the living room and downstairs.
 Peyton rocks the tunnel with Reese not far behind.  Peyton has such an adventurous spirit, she's all over the house.
 Miss Peyton mugging for the camera.  These little ladies have so many expressions.
 Peyton wiggling with joy.  There was lots of free standing this weekend.  These girls are about to walk.

 Lakin loved these little girls.  She woke up each morning ready to play with the babies and wanted to be right under Carly's feet as she bathed and fed the babies.  I'm going to have a real helper on my hands come September.
 Reese Cup
 Lakin loving on some baby toys.  There was a lot of toy (and germ) swapping all around.
 Those two teeth are too much.
 I love the way the girls were intrigued by Lakin.  She kept them entertained in the car and they were easily distracted at feeding time when she was roaming around.
Speaking of feeding time, this is what it looks like.  Carly is a major multi-tasker.  It was pretty amazing watching the machine that is the twin's feeding time.

I can't wait to see these girls again, and Carly.  Man, we miss this family.

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