Monday, July 30, 2012

Big Girl's Birthday

Thursday was Lakin's 2nd birthday.  My mom was in town for the week so she got to spend the day with Grandma, which was such a treat for her.  Grandma was the shining star all week, Lakin wanted Grandma to get her out of the car, change her diaper, kick balloons with her, come with her for bedtime, get her milk, pretty much all things Grandma- ALL THE TIME.  My mom is awesome with Lakin and it was so fun to watch the two of them together.

Our little girl is so good at loving people.  She's never met a stranger who hasn't become a friend and she showers those around her with attention and loving words.  She really knows how to make a person feel cared for and I adore that about her.  I can't wait to see this gift from God develop as she gets older.  It's fun to see her with our family members who live far away.  Some kids would be shy and take time to warm up but Lakin instantly loves those around her which makes for some quick transitions and loads of fun.

But, back to her birthday.  I had an OB appointment and then had to work so before I left the house I made these yummy pancakes for a special birthday treat.
Lakin was in one of her foulest moods ever and had a bit of a birthday fit over the whole debacle. In fact, we saw her first teenage look ever on her second birthday.  Apparently the idea of pancakes with chocolate chips was so despicable to her that she couldn't even stand to look at them.  Below is the evidence of the severe mood swing experienced that morning.
 Here she is after just coming from downstairs.  Birthday tiara fixed atop head, check.  Smile on face, check.
 Hold up, there are tons of balloons on the floor that must be kicked and thrown.  This birthday is awesome!
 Wearing a tiny apron to help make some pancakes and Dora party hats.  Life couldn't be any sweeter.
 Um... what is this?  It's my birthday and you're trying to give me pancakes?  Where's my standard yogurt and berries.  This is baloney.  Cue: meltdown.  Cue: threat of birthday time out.  Cue: parental stand off.  Cue: ignoring of disgusted wiggling and grunting.  Cue: parental victory as toddler eats, and ENJOYS, special birthday pancakes.

After a monumental (and much needed) afternoon nap, Audrey and Cora came over for some birthday play time that evening.  Lakin was delighted to spend some time with her best friend.
 Lakin only wanted cake for her birthday.  She asked for it vigilantly all day and the days leading up to her birthday.  After dinner, we finally enjoyed a cupcake.  This made someone a happy girl.

When it came time to blow out candles, Lakin was more interested in grabbing herself a cupcake than actually blowing out the candles.  Once the tiny cake was secure on her tray, she turned her attention to the task at hand and was able to blow out the candles with a little help from dad.
 Audrey was pretty into her cake as well.
 Operation: Eat My Cake was completed in about 30 seconds.
 Papa and Gigi skyped in from KC for the present opening portion of the evening.  Lakin would open a gift and walk it over to the computer screen to show her grandparents and then walk it over to my mom to make sure everyone got a good look at her gifts.
 Opening gifts was hilarious.  Lakin would gasp over and over as she would tear tiny pieces of paper off the presents.  It didn't matter what was inside, she gasped with joy at everything she opened.
 The Eagen family got her a Dora fairy princess doll which she was pretty stoked about.  Dora has been on every outing with us since.  Thanks, Missy, for feeding the obsession.  Lakin loved the doll!
 I chose to include this photo so you could appreciate the accessories that Lakin gives me everyday.  She picked out that tiny bow for my hair.  If you don't look like a fool for your kids every now and then, are you really doing your job?

Chris and I got Lakin a Disney Princess dress up kit and some plastic princess high heels.  I know, really feminist of me, huh?  She loves them and I keep finding tiny, plastic, clip-on earring around the house.

It was a great birthday, minus the sour faces in the morning.  Lakin is already excited for birthday number 3.

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  1. I think Lakin gets her gifts of loving people from the 2 she lives with :)

    Great pics and I was so excited to see the update this morning! Love you guys!